Excelsior is the collective name of the Chrysalis online-FF players' community. The various sub-groups of the community are largely social in nature, but include elements of role-play as well as pure old-fashioned gaming.

'Excelsior' is Latin and means 'higher' or 'ever upward'.


Before 2016, Excelsior was called Mythopoeia.

Dictionary.com defines 'mythopoeia' as follows.

myth·o·poe·ia [mith-uh-pee-uh]
an act, circumstance, characteristic, etc. of or pertaining to the making of myths; causing, producing, or giving rise to myths.


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Born from the goddess Altana's grief and sorrow, the vast alternate realm of the original Vana'diel is the stage for our heroes. There dangers unimaginable wait for the unwary and the adventurous, in this realm and its alternates, as well as in the social ties between all its peoples. This is a story of their lives.

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Once, Dalamud was thought to be the greater moon's loyal companion. Now, people know better, for Dalamud was none other than the harbinger of the Seventh Umbral Era, a construct bearing great evil, sent to the skies by an ancient civilization. In this new world, many discoveries await, for both those who came from before, as well as those who come from the now.

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