Excelsior Characters

This page lists all the characters in the various Excelsior sub-groups, both player characters and non-player characters. First are listed main player characters (along with their owner), then all related (other/NPC) characters within the Excelsior worlds - ones not canon to the FF games in question anyway.
If you'd prefer to see only characters from one Excelsior game, see that game world's own page.

Main Characters

Ellanore Delouvien (FF11/JGwinters)
Jenare Richille (FF11/JGwinters)
Moonshade Butterfly (FF14/Arivess)
Rii Kalira (FF11/Arivess)
Sharcos Dea (FF14/JGwinters)
Shureq Haragin (FF14/JGwinters)

Other Characters

Sub Characters
Endahren Merchell (FF11)
Gishane Jaerdagne (FF14)
Ke'serth Nunh (FF14)
Kii Kalira (FF11)
Lokh Kalira (FF11)
Nightingale (FF11)
Reva Chultani (FF14)
Sasare Sare (FF14)

Characters' Families
Dea Family (FF14)
Delouvien Family (FF11)
Merchell Family (FF11)
Richille Family (FF11)
Other Families (FF14)

Others in Hydaelyn (FF14)
Others in Vana'diel (FF11)
Friends in Hydaelyn (FF14)
Friends in Vana'diel (FF11)

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