Excelsior: Hydaelyn

The Hydaelyn Excelsior story is the collective story of several free-willed adventurers. The loose connections between the motley band is held together by Sharcos Dea and Gishane Jaerdagne.

To see the RP side of the story, see the Hydaelyn section of Excelsior forums. The Excelsior Free Company is situated on the Balmung server.

The Story

For the World
Scenes from the life of a certain Sharcos Dea.
Winds of Change
The life and adventures of Ke'serth Nunh and Sasare Sare.

The Characters

Main Characters

Gishane Jaerdagne
Moonshade Butterfly
Sharcos Dea
Shureq Haragin

Other Characters

Ke'serth Nunh
Reva Chultani
Sasare Sare
Sophiane Arscelin

Dea Family
Other Families

Other Characters
Friends in Hydaelyn


EXC-Hydaelyn Timeline


Excelsior consists of the RP linkshell and the Free Company Mythopoeia. This section gives information on the exact purposes and methods of joining for each.

Excelsior Linkshell
If you are on this page on purpose, you are most likely interested in this one. All things RP go here, and members are free to participate in the story in any way they wish. In-game RP events are held occasionally, as well as RP-specific game content runs such as dungeons and quests. On-site content is free for all, and consists of member blogs and the RP forums, for those times you are unable to log in or want to specify events that happen in non-present time.
To be able to join, you must first apply with your RP character's specifics. See the forums for details.

Free Company Excelsior
The RP shell's associated Free Company for in-game content such as dungeons, NMs and quests. Not all members of the FC are required to be members of the linkshell, and not all linkshell members are required to be members of the FC. Willingness to loosely commit to advancing the FC is required for membership, as well as being RP-friendly. You can find out more about the FC here.

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