Excelsior: Vana'diel

The Vana'diel Excelsior story follows closely the adventures of a certain Jenare Richille and his companion Rii Kalira. The two have adventured together for years, on sometimes more and sometimes less good terms.

To see the RP side of the story, see the Vana'diel section of Excelsior forums. The Excelsior linkshell is situated on the Quetzalcoatl server.

The Story

Lost in Vana'diel
Jenare Richille's journal
Things Change
Rii Kalira's journal

A collection of scenes from the early lives of Jenare Richille and his family
So Many Dreams
Fragments and dreams of Rii Kalira's life
Until it's Gone
Endahren Merchell's account of his life
With White Wings
Snapshots from the life of Ellanore Delouvien and other people around Jenare and Endahren

The Characters

Player Characters

Ellanore Delouvien
Jenare Richille
Lokh Kalira
Rii Kalira

Other Characters

Endahren Merchell
Kii Kalira

Delouvien Family
Merchell Family
Richille Family

Other Characters
Friends in Vana'diel

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