Friends in Vana'diel

Aladara: A long-time friend of Rii Kalira from Windurst. She's a red-headed Tarutaru mage and adventures with an Elvaan paladin. Jenare met her late in the year 885.

Crimthan: A Bastokan woodworker with no sense of adventure. Friends with Nightingale. One of Jami's mules.

Katanna: A fiery-headed Elvaan woman from San d'Oria Jenare and Rii met while adventuring around Valkurm Dunes in the spring of 885. Being a warrior, she was of great help. Seraph server.

Leghard: A dark-haired and near-sighted Hume adventurer from Bastok. Jenare and Rii met him in Bastok in late spring of 885, and traveled with him to San d'Oria. He brought much needed physical power to the small group for the journey. Seraph server.

Liili Chocola: A red-headed warrior Mithra from Windurst. A bit of a dreamer, and has a weird family. Met late autumn of 885. Liili in-game.

Yintsotso: A San d'Orian culinary lover, a short Tarutaru with red hair. Long-time friend of Lokh Kalira.

Category: Excelsior

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