Ke'serth Nunh

Ke'serth Nunh (ケ・セルス・ヌン in katakana) is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV, played by Chrysalis founder JGwinters who is also known as Jami. He is a miqo'te Seeker of the Sun of the extremely tiny Ke tribe, whose totem is the Cactuar. He started his adventuring life with the second wave in 1576 in the Seventh Umbral Era.
Ke'serth guardian deity is Oschon. His parents Ke'thier Nunh (ケ・ティエル・ヌン) and his mother Ke'shara Leis (ケ・シャラ・レイス) have both since passed away, and he has spent most his life in Ul'dah.


Early Years

Ke'serth was born in an undisclosed location in Thanalan near Ul'dah on the 28th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (28.8) of the year 1555 of the Sixth Astral Era. His father had died 3 months earlier in battles against the Garlean Empire nearby to Ala Mhigo where the grounds of the Ke tribe were, and his mother had come to Ul'dah for safety.

He was raised in relative isolation in Ul'dah, and while his mother was there with him his earliest years, telling stories about his father and the Ke tribe and their lands, from a relatively early age she left him to fend for himself (with the aid of a few old friends of hers) while she herself went forth to battle near the Ala Mhigan border. Her journeys only became longer, and eventually Sasare Sare, one of the aforementioned friends of Shara's, was practically the only parent figure Serth had.

Then, when Serth was 15 bordering on 16, Dalamud started getting redder. Not too soon after, Shara died on one of her journeys. Her companions delivered home her body. Serth accepted her death as an inevitability, considering the life she had lead, and gave her a scant few months of mourning - not that he had time for much else, as matters were escalating, Dalamud falling from the sky and the Garlean Empire resuming their advance on Eorzea. Sasare left to join the Immortal Flames, and while Serth was vaguely curious about joining up himself, he did nothing about that curiosity.
Dalamud fell, and Sasare went missing with the final battle. Serth presumed her dead as well, and continued his life. The more time he spent by himself in Ul'dah, the more restless he became.

New Beginnings

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Game Life

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