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Blood Lust 886/6/8
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:41
Jenare looked at the midnight-black blade in front of him. It seemed to suck all light within itself, and was maybe heavier than would be expected of a sword of its size and build. He'd received it earlier today from a man called Zeid, a Dark Knight. It was partially a case of mistaken intention, and partially a case of him not even wanting to correct it. Ever since that afternoon of Celestial Nights not even that long ago, he had been feeling admittedly reckless. To think that all this time, this twin sister of Kii's had been taking her place, impersonating her. While he could understand her reasons intellectually, his heart did not want to forgive or understand. Maybe that was why the blade drew him so. He reached out and placed his hand on the blade. Not particularly hot or warm. But he could feel it, it craved for blood.
He thought back to Zeid's words.To satisfy the lust for blood, to drink in the blood of its use the anger and darkness within, use all your strength in taking down your opponent. Nothing but your strength, your anger, and in the nothingness, with you..the sword. He picked it up. It felt like the right time.
"Kupolin. I have need for my sturdier armor."
"Right away, master!" The moogle disappeared in the customary swirl of energy. Jenare looked around the rental room. He was in Bastok, where he had ended up traveling after that afternoon. He'd meant to visit Endahren, but when he'd arrived to the city he hadn't felt like it anymore, and had instead half-heartedly decided to help out a young Galka he'd talked with several times before, and chased word of the Dark Knight Zeid to Palborough Mines. That's how he'd ended up here and now.
Kupolin returned from San d'Oria with his armor, cheerfully flitting about and showing how well-kept they were. Jenare suspected that either the moogle was a very good reader of character but responded in unconventional ways, or he just had a very bad sense of timing for his weird moods. Over time, the two had built a working relationship of largely leaving each other alone unless the situation called for interaction. Usually, Jenare rather liked the moogle, but his mind was dwelling in unpleasant enough thoughts that he didn't have much room for joviality for the moment. He nodded absentmindedly and put on the armor with some help from the cheery moogle. All the while, the sword called for him. He felt like he couldn't take his eyes off of it for very long, like it had an inner gravity he was very susceptible to.
"Well then. I'm out. Don't wait up." Jenare picked up the sword and slung it on his back. It was much bigger than the swords he was used to handling. He might have some difficulty fighting with it. For the moment, it didn't matter.
"Have a good hunting trip, kupo!" Kupolin wished him cheerfully.

The sun was setting. Jenare took a deep breath. It was strangely calming in a way, swinging this big sword. He was just getting used to it, and it was easier than he had thought. Giving in to the sword, merely being in a state of seemed like the sword wanted him to learn how to use it. All he had to do was give in to it.
A familiar buzzing came from behind. A bee. He turned around and raised the Chaosbringer. Concentrate, let go. Give in. He swung the sword, and the bee was cut cleanly in half. "Fifteen."
As he raised the sword again and looked around to search for more prey, he wouldn't have recognized his own face if he'd seen it. Adorning it was a crazed grin telling of blood lust and beneath it, regret. (read more…)

Letter: To Endahren Merchell 885/3/29
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:40

Greetings from back home. I hope the letter finds you well, and the store still profitable. How is the situation in Bastok? Any success in your attempt to teach San d'Orian customs to Calvier? I have been doing well for myself, no major troubles.
Since my last letter, I have finally started moving somewhere in my life. I now life in a mog house by myself, accompanied by a moogle who keeps calling me 'Master'. I thought that last bit might prove amusing to you.
Mother was sad to see me go, I think. She did not say anything, but this is the feeling I have. In truth, moving out provided me with surprising experiences. I didn't think I would feel quite so free afterwards. I am still in the city after all, but perhaps the sense of adventure in this is enough by itself for now. I'm looking forward to leaving San d'Oria eventually, and seeing the world with my own eyes. Perhaps I will even visit you one day. Bastok isn't too far from San d'Oria after all.
I have been practicing my fighting skills more than ever. I've discovered that they are much needed if you wish to venture deeper even into such an area as the forests of Ronfaure. I never knew before just how many orcs lurk those woods, ready to prey on a careless traveler. Even though I haven't yet had time to do much, the experiences I've had have opened my eyes to many new things.

Best regards,
Jenare (read more…)

The Day of Setting Out 885/3/27
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:40
Jenare looked around in his old room. It was mostly empty of personal belongings now, he had already packed and taken out most everything. Only some furniture remained, and some old things he would have no need of in his new life. It reminded him of the time Endahren had left San d'Oria to live in Bastok. It had been a similar feeling in a way, although this time it was he himself that was leaving.
He nodded to himself and turned. There was no reason to stay here any longer. If he wanted to, he could come back to visit any time. He wouldn't be going far after all, not at first. He would just be moving out. Nevertheless, leaving the room and his old life felt somehow final. He supposed he could never return to his old life after this, adventuring and making his way in the world by himself was bound to change him somewhat. While it was sad, he was looking forward to it.
His mother Celese was waiting at the foot of the stairs.
"You're leaving now?"
Jenare nodded at the question. "Yes, I'm leaving now."
"I know I've said it before, but do take care." Celese held a hand to her chest. "And remember us too, every now and then."
"Of course I will."
Celese smiled at him. "I know you will, I'm merely worried. Here," she handed him a box. "Your favorite apple pie. It might be a while before you get to eat it again, so…"
Jenare received the box and thanked her. Then they said their goodbyes. Now there was nothing left to do but say goodbye to Triene, his older brother. Jenare opened the door leading to the store. The day wasn't special to the rest of the world, so Triene was working, holding up the store. Jenare smiled when he saw Triene behind the counter, serving a customer. He waited until the lady had left before speaking up.
"Triene. I'll be leaving now."
Triene leaned on the counter and smiled sadly. "I know. We'll miss you." The two shook hands, nothing more was needed. They hadn't always gotten along well, but that was part of being a family. Jenare picked up the box of apple pie his mother had given him, and headed out. The sun shone in his eyes when he stepped out, almost blinding him for a moment. This was the start of his new life. (read more…)

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