Merchell Family

Arienne Nedaurant: An Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Endahren Merchell's older sister. Is married to Vichuel Nedaurant, the two just had their first child. Her parents are Guilboire and Felitte Merchell.

Endahren Merchell: One of the main characters.

Felitte Merchell: An Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Wife of Guilboire Merchell, mother of Arienne Nedaurant and Endahren.

Guilboire Merchell: An aging Elvaan merchant, current owner of Merchell Daily. Has high hopes for his son Endahren. Married to Felitte Merchell, their oldest child is Arienne Nedaurant.

Vera Nedaurant: A golden-haired Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Sister of Vichuel Nedaurant, and ex-girlfriend of Jenare.

Vichuel Nedaurant: An Elvaan man from San d'Oria. He is a worker at the port, and is married to Arienne Nedaurant. They have one child. His sister is Vera Nedaurant.

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