Others in Vana'diel

Calvier Arandant: A red-headed Bastokan Elvaan. Live-in store helper for the Bastok branch of Merchell Daily. After Endahren leaves, the day-to-day running of the store will fall to him.

Grendel: A highly androgynous-looking black-haired Hume girl. Her real name is Gretel but she prefers not to use it. She now considers herself an adventurer, but used to hang around the pirates in Norg. Adventures with Ellanore Delouvien.

Grundan: A warrior-Galka from Bastok. Adventures with Ellanore Delouvien.

Irene Streiss: Calvier Arandant's girlfriend, a pretty chestnut-haired Bastok-born Hume girl.

Nightingale: One of the main characters.

Ruri: A Bastokan Hume, a lover of arts. Father of Rii and Kii Kalira.

Category: Excelsior

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