Richille Family

Celese Richille: A silver-haired Elvaan woman from San d'Oria. Daughter of a prominent tanner family, and widow of Gervaine Richille. Her maiden name was Delouvien. Has two living sons, Jenare and Triene. Cousin to Gjallaneux Delouvien.

Gervaine Richille: An Elvaan man from San d'Oria. Owner of Richille's Wares until he passed away in 884. Husband of Celese Richille, father of Jenare and Triene.

Jenare Richille: One of the main characters.

Triene Richille: A silver-haired Elvaan, current owner of Richille's Wares in Northern San d'Oria. Lives above the shop with his mother Celese. His girlfriend is Yasmin Chantall. Older brother of Jenare Richille.

Yasmin Chantall: A pretty and young Elvaan girl from San d'Oria. Triene Richille's sweetheart.

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