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One Lost Homeland April 886
Moogle Eggstravaganza April 886
The Land of the Tall April 886
Acquirings April 886
The Sound of Color March 886
Endless Errands March 886
Even More Errands March 886
Errands March 886
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One Lost Homeland April 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:24
Kazham! We’re here! We’re really, really here!

We got our airship passes and everything and I don’t think Jenare even believed we actually would but we did! Hah!

…But what’s that guy want with so many keys, anyway? Well, whatever, I guess. Weirder things have happened. And keep happening.

So, so, airship! We rode an airship here, and it was cool and you could see everything from up there! We even saw the Star Tree! And it’s so fast, too! I mean, I mean, it makes ferries and chocobos seem like crawling. And walking! Hah, might as well be standing still! Too bad the normal airship passes to the three nations is so pricey. Wish we’d get some weirdo deal for one of those, too. Ah well…

So! Kazham! We’re here! It’s so warm and beautiful and comfortable, mmmm~! And everything is mithra height, it’s great!

Everyone seems pretty different from the mithra in Windurst, though. Even I feel kinda out of place. But most of them aren’t nearly as rough.

I think mom mentioned she was born here, but went to Windurst a little before the Crystal War. It’s been a while, but I wanted to see if I could find her old house or something. But… I couldn’t find anything. Most of the people I met were too young to have known her anyway, and the older ones… well, they wouldn’t even talk anymore after I mentioned she left. Someone finally told me that once a mithra leaves Kazham, she could never come back. I guess that’s why mom never talked about it much. I wonder if I should get her a souvenir, or if that’d just make it worse.

Oh, but, everyone – er, well, almost everyone – is friendly to Jenare and me. Adventuring sure has its perks, huh? It’s like we get special recognition everywhere.

Speaking of adventuring, we met another adventurer today, and he’s staying at the same place as us. At least I think he is one? He was really… noticeable, at least – er, well, that’s to say, he’s elvaan. Hehe, I thought Jenare would be the only tall weirdo here right now. Anyway, Magriffon – the elvaan we met, I mean – was certainly a lot more talkative than a certain travel companion of mine. He even offered to help us with whatever we needed.

…What do we need help with, anyway? Ah well, I guess it’s good to keep in mind.

I wonder how long we’re gonna stay in Kazham. I kinda like it here. It’s even warmer than Windurst, and there’s a constant smell of sea and lots of plants I don’t recognize. Everything’s green and flowery, and they all glow at night! And they’re all natural, not like the Rhinostery’s experiments. Every day seems so peaceful, hunting, fishing, harvesting…

How did everyone manage to bring themselves to leave, anyway, knowing they’d never, ever be allowed to come back? Mom, and the Chieftainness – ours, I mean, Windursts’s – and so many other mithra of their generation.

I guess it’s a bit like the reason I’d never settle down here, no matter how much I like it. The world needs us! Even if it’s an arrogant thought, we’ve still gotta do everything we can. And besides, there’s still practically a whole world we haven’t seen yet!

But, but! We can still come here whenever we want. Mom and Perih Vashai and them… they can’t, not ever. Even though everyone talked about the Chieftainness’s exploits. Even though they did so much. They still can’t go home…

Even if it’s not the same, I don’t think I’d be able to stand leaving Windurst forever. How strong was their need?

Well. No point worrying about that. Let’s all try our best! (read more…)

Moogle Eggstravaganza April 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:22



Actually, I guess it really wasn’t that bad this time. But, really, what were they thinking? Were they even thinking?

Okay, backing up.

I woke up a few days ago to see moogles. Er, well, I guess that’s not too big a surprise. I mean, there’s one in my Mog House. But, but! I woke up and saw moogles outside, with huuuuuuge crowds gathered around them. Yep, another festival. Our lives seem to be made of festivaling, then almost dying, and getting something shiny; rinse and repeat.

Anyway, this time, they were handing out eggs. Not just any eggs – eggs with letters on them. And we were supposed to trade them with each other to make words, and get rewards for said words.

Pretty nice, I guess. I have no idea how this is supposed to help bring the MHMU out of debt, though. Because, I mean, even I’ve figured by now that that’s what all these festivals were supposed to do.

Moogles are weird.

On an unrelated note, we’re at Bastok again. Jenare wanted to check up on his friend there, and we needed that key from the Palborough Mines. Y’know, that place with that scary dragon that I totally said I’d never go to again. I think I said that about a whole lot of places by now, and it never actually applies.

Well, anyway, we got our key.

…Wait. We. We got our key. We have all of them now!

KAZHAM, HERE WE COME. (read more…)

The Land of the Tall April 886
Posted on 26 Sep 2012 03:22
Whew, we spent a lot of time in San d’Oria. Well, I guess we didn’t actually spend that much time in the city. Just… around. And running errands for everyone there.

First, there was that key from Fort Ghelsba. We got it! We’re so close to Kazham, I can almost see it~! Although it really wasn’t that easy, considering. I mean, everything there feels kinda weak now, but it was still something, storming a fort full of orcs. And then they didn’t carry keys. Yeesh. We fiiiiiiiinally managed to get one after going really deep in.

But the most important thing is that we have them now. One more to go!

Meanwhile, we had other things to do, too. Actually, they were all kinda… at the same place, it was weird. Sometimes, I wonder if Lady Luck – or, uh, Altana – really likes us or something. Or really hates us, because we keep getting thiiiiiiis close to getting killed.

So! Three things!

First, there was that old guy who made me a squire. He wanted to give us another test this time. Something about a riddle. Jenare seemed to know where he was going, though, so we ended up running around the city a bit. And then we got another riddle, and even Jenare didn’t know anymore.

And then he received a mission, so of course he had to go get the briefing. And it turned out we were – well, he was – to go to Davoi to get a report from someone.

And then! Well, actually, this wasn’t exactly after. I mean, it’s not like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs while Jenare was getting his mission, right? So, so, I ended up finding out about an old woman whose cough could only be cured with a medicine made out of a special moss from Davoi.

Yeeep, Davoi again. When I heard about Jenare’s mission, well, it was like killing two birds with one stone!

Three birds, actually.

Because, apparently, that was where that old dude’s riddle led, after all!

So first, we got his report.

Then we found an old well with some weird sword in it to take back to prove we solved the riddle. These elvaan, sheesh. Why couldn’t we have just said the answer instead of nearly getting killed?

Speaking of which, we really did nearly get killed grabbing that moss.

But then again, “nearly getting killed” is kinda obligatory in adventuring nowadays, it seemed.

Oh, and we got made knights. Whoopedeedo. That took long enough. Why am I a knight of San d’Oria, anyway?

At least that old lady feels better now, I guess. (read more…)

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