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Welcome to the Excelsior Free Company!

We are a small, close-knit community on the Balmung server of Final Fantasy XIV with a focus on social interactions, events, and casual endgame, with a side dash of RP. We welcome everyone who wants a friendly, personal environment, and we love to help out with whatever our members need. There is no requirement to joining other than a love for the game, and the willingness to follow our rules.

If you're interested in joining us, please contact one of our officers in-game, or send us a note here.

Also, please note you will need to make a Wikidots account and join this wiki in order to make comments on our discussions, or post in the forums. Scheduling and other information is public to enable potential members to view the FC's suitability for them personally.

FC News

FC General News (Sep 2017)

by JGwintersJGwinters 23 Sep 2017 19:22

Thank you for your continued interest in our story. *insert humble bow emote here* We've been in a bit of a disarray with Stormblood hitting and all, but it looks like we finally have time to pay attention to the poor neglected FC site as well. *knock on wood*
In any case, some member blogs should be having semi-regular updates if all goes well, letting you read more of our ongoing story and history. The fate of the rest of the site is still in question, but we'll figure out something good eventually.

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FC Site Maintenance

by JGwintersJGwinters 20 Aug 2016 12:05

Very sorry for the mess! FC site will be undergoing maintenance as soon as real-life demands allow. For now, be confident that the rules and member rank tiers are up to date, but be warned that everything else could/likely has changed. We'll be working to get everything up to date asap. Thank you for your patience!

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Updated and Open for Recruitment!

by ArivessArivess 17 Feb 2015 17:50

Site is now updated! \o/

Mini update notes:
-Basic Rules minorly updated about new Mandragora rank
-About Us updated with more of Moon's random rambling
-Officers and Ranks updated to reflect new names, new officers, and new Mandragora rank
-Event Schedule updated with new proposed events
-Housing minorly updated about members using gardens

Also, Resources and Guides not updated yet, but will be re-vamped soon, with detailed guides on earlier Coil turns, Primal hard mode and EX mode, Hildibrand storyline fights, and Crystal Tower mechanics for new members.

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See more at FC News forum

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