Day 6 of the End of the World

Hydaelyn date: 1572/11/6
Place: Limsa Lominsa, the Mizzenmast Inn
Posted on 05 Mar 2013 18:08

He blinked his eyes. Gods, he was tired. Battle after battle after battle, that’s all it was these days. And the prayers…the prayers had started working for certain. People on the very brink of death were back to normal within minutes, if only you prayed. Fighters in the frontlines gained extraordinary strength, if only someone prayed for them. The Twelve were among them for certain. But they still weren’t strong enough. The enemy was too many. It felt like they were fighting against the whole world, the nature itself even.
It was another day again. He rolled out of bed, stifling the urge to groan. Maybe he should have slept more. But sleeping wasn’t of all that much use comparably. A well-timed prayer might achieve the same thing. This time, he didn’t stifle the dry laugh. The world had gone mad.
He was pulling on his pants when he noticed it. Something was sticking out from under the bed. Something sharp, and pointy, and long. Slowly, he straightened up. Finished tying on his pants. And took a deep breath. Great, hallucinations were the last thing he needed.
Then, in one swift motion, he bent down and pulled out the sharp object from under the bed. It resembled a dark purple scythe. In fact, he knew its like. It was a Gae Bolg. A fabled relic of ancient times, reconstructed - possibly from scratch - and honed to perfection, given enchantments that made it more than a rival for any other weapon of its type. He could feel its weight, perfectly balanced. These types of weapons had started showing up several months ago, maybe closer to half a year now. People had turned to myths to aid them through what had then seemed the end of the days and now certainly was, and some had somehow managed to make those myths reality. He himself had started on that path but had never managed to trod too far down it. But here it was. A true, fine Gae Bolg, the fabled spear.
He stared.
Then he placed it on the bed and took out his Dragoon gear. It seemed the Twelve had given him a chance and an excuse to use his preferred method of fighting, and he wasn’t about to turn it down no matter how insane it felt. To find a Gae Bolg under your bed all of a sudden. A gift from the gods for certain, and one not to be spurned.

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