Final Day of the End of the World

Hydaelyn date: 1572/11/7
Place: Brittlebark, Mor Dhona
Posted on 06 Apr 2017 11:59

"Out of the waaaay!" There was a jumble of confusion as everyone scrambled to get away from the toppling magitek vanguard. It fell to the ground with an ear-shattering crash, adding to the din of the battlefield around him. Just a small force it might be in the grand scheme of things, but these Garleans they had been sent to fight were nothing to scoff at.
"Keep at it, everyone, careful does it!" That was Gishane, renewing his casting of Protect on everyone. Most of their little group was right here on the battlefield with him. Together, they had weathered so many battles that it would have been decidedly weird not to have them around him when he needed them, even if some were now missing, busy with other battles.
Sharcos prepared himself and launched into the air just as a nearby Garlean swung his sword at him. He knew things were probably much worse out in Carteneau, but he couldn't help but feel that something was off about this whole thing. He had had a bad feeling about this battle ever since he had found out several days ago that it would happen, but there hadn't really been any alternatives. It was a fact that Garleans had a sustained presence on Eorzea now, and it was just as much a fact that they could not just let that be.
As he landed on the Garlean that had threatened him, he felt more than ever that something was off. He straightened and looked around, and soon identified the disturbance along with everyone else. Something was happening to Dalamud.
The fiery red visage of Dalamud had been acting weird all day. It had grown closer, ever closer, and towards the battle's start had started spewing out balls of fire. Now, there were clearly bright blue areas in it, concentrated on…
"Spears?" he murmured, just as the blue protrusions flared. Flared, and then were shot out from Dalamud at unimaginable speed, towards the ground. He covered his eyes as they made bright streaks against the dark clouds and the redness of Dalamud, and then uncovered them again only to see something much worse. Dalamud was…hatching.
Brighter streaks of flame spiderwebbed out from each location a spear had been in, and amidst the flames, wings spread out.
"O Halone save us," he whispered. It was a dragon, it had to be. An immense dragon. It beat its wings and screeched, scattering the remains of its infernal egg. The battlefield was suddenly a scene straight from the Hell of Fire, as fiery fragments rained down in every direction. The ground shook as they hit the ground over and over again, and great fires started where they hit. There was screaming in every direction as people burned and those lucky enough to not stand directly on a fallsite ran in every direction, desperate to get away.
Sharcos stood still. The dragon had disappeared, flown off somewhere.
"Gather here, everyone! Here!" The lone voice close enough to make any sense penetrated his stupor and he slowly looked around. Gishane and some other conjurer had gathered a small group around them, and put up some kind of wards to fend off the worst of it. Sharcos numbly walked to the rest of his companions.
"The world doesn't make any sense anymore," Reva said, barely audible over the din of this hell. Her shirt was singed at the sleeves, and her bow hung heavily at her side.
"It stopped making sense a while ago, just roll with it."
Sharcos simply looked at his companions, suddenly too tired to do much anything. All that effort, and they hadn't been able to stop a single thing. Even as he'd known it before, it hadn't quite penetrated his consciousness what it might actually been that they'd been unable to stop the descent of Dalamud. And all that praying they had done, had it all been for nothing?
The dragon screeched in the distance, announcing its triumphant return. Then suddenly, amidst all the red of the fires and the black of the smoke and the dust, there was blue.
"Something's happening."
"That's in the direction of Carteneau."
"It may have been the right choice, but coming here might have been a mistake in its own way. We have no way to know what's happening out there."
The blue intensified for a while, and Sharcos imagined he could see vague shapes in it. And then it suddenly disappeared, as if snuffed out. Everyone fell silent.
"…Did we win?"
And then things were turned upside down again. Sharcos himself started glowing blue. He looked down at himself, and then at his companions. Some of them were glowing blue as well. He opened his mouth to say something, but then…then there was nothing.

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