First Day of the End of the World

Hydaelyn date: 1572/10/31
Place: Limsa Lominsa, the Anchor Yard
Posted on 05 Mar 2013 18:06

The saints would come back soon, or so the lore said. For one day every year, the Twelve would summon them to their halls and they would feast and rest from their duties, leaving mankind without aid in the mortal world. And then they would come back and give their protection again, until the next year’s All Saints’ Eve, when they would have their one day of rest and festivities again. Sharcos looked up in the skies. Mankind truly needed protection these days. Dalamud shone like a festering sore on the southern sky. He preferred looking north these days, but even that didn’t always help. The red glow spread from cloud to cloud and infested everything. He sighed and looked down into the harbor. Ships were scarce, had been for quite some time now with most far-afield areas no longer doing trade with Eorzea, unless it was so that Eorzeans came to them. He thought they couldn’t be blamed, not with the way Dalamud was looming lately. It would fall, he was certain, even despite all that they had done. All the fights, all the prayers, all for nothing. It seemed that failure was now almost inevitable unless a miracle of some kind happened.
Most people were in the safety of their homes or at least ships at this hour, would be for a little while longer. But soon the day would change, and the saints would come back to Eorzea, give their aid to the people once more, for what it was worth. The hour was close. He was only here because he could not sleep, and could not at this point muster enough fear of the unknown or the voidsent or whatever dangers might be lurking out here while the saints were gone. He could either handle it or he couldn’t, that was all there was to it.
Somewhere in the distance, thunder rolled.

Category: For the World

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