Miasma Swirls

Hydaelyn date: 1571/5/31
Place: Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona
Posted on 02 Feb 2017 17:37

"It's bad luck is what it is," Tommen scowled darkly.
The air was thick with swirls of miasma, clouding visibility in unexpected ways, allowing one to see at times for dozens of fulms, at others only as far as your hand could reach as you passed through a particularly thick arm of it. It colored everything it touched in a gloom the kinds of which Sharcos had never seen before.
The caravan on their journey southward had reached Mor Dhona around noon, as evidenced by the slowly multiplying clear crystal formations. The landscape had been barren but beautiful, alien even under the midday sun. But as evening approached, the gloom had set in, transforming everything from alien to nightmarish.
"I never quite expected the world to hold such things."
"It holds many a vile thing a country lad like you wouldn't know about. The trick is avoiding them as much as you can 'lest they swallow you whole."
Tommen's expression had grown grimmer the more the gloom strengthened, he clearly wasn't taken with the phenomenon. They were lucky Camp Revenant's Toll was close by, he had said, as the caravan could take their rest in the relative safety of the camp and continue on tomorrow when the gloom would have dispersed with any luck.
"Curse those fools for choosing this route. No amount of speed is worth your life." This was another of his complaints, how the caravan's owner had chosen to take the quick but dangerous route through Mor Dhona instead of the layabout but safer route through the Black Shroud. It was the very same reason Sharcos had joined up with the caravan so readily, so he felt he had no right to comment. To him, the slight added danger of the journey was more than made up with swiftly reaching his destination in the cities of southern Eorzea. Although after a whole day of listening to Tommen grouse about it, he wasn't so confident anymore that he had possessed the requisite knowledge to make the decision. Nothing overly bad had happened so far, though, so he was still holding on to hope that Tommen was exaggerating the dangers.
Luckily for him, Tommen seemed to be happy enough to continue his grumbling without any input from Sharcos. As he went on about the dangers of Mor Dhona, Sharcos kept looking around, captivated by the alien and stark beauty of the scenery. He truly hadn't known what to expect when leaving at home, when even a few days' journey could bring surprises such as this.
It had been looming through the gloom for quite some time when Sharcos noticed it. There was something high up in the swirls of miasma to their side, impossibly large and too irregular to be a natural formation of any kind that Sharcos knew of. Without thinking, he let down his pace to squint at it more.
"Oh ho, noticed it, have you," Tommen rumbled at him. "That there be the Keeper. Not the god, but the very own one they have around here, the Keeper of the Lake. It's a damn shame your first peek at it couldn't be clearer, freaky as the whole business is."
Sharcos nodded slowly. He wasn't any clearer on what exactly it was that he saw, although the name tickled something at the back of his head, like he had heard it somewhere before.
"Time enough for that tomorrow, s'pose. Look, here we are, the Camp is right up ahead." Sharcos turned his attention ahead of them and saw the faint but unmistakable glow of an aetheryte up ahead. There were unidentifiable dark shapes around it that he presumed were the tents set up by the camp's personnel, few as they were. Outlying aetheryte camps like this didn't have many people tending to them, as they had seen earlier in Coerthas the more they traveled southwards, but tending they still needed, to keep out beasts and provide the occasional much-needed safe haven for travelers.
"Another day passed then with no major incident. Our journey is so far looking to be a good one." Sharcos ignored the continued grumbling his remark set off from Tommen, and headed down the barely discernible road towards the safety of the camp.

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