Mountains and the Sea

Hydaelyn date: 1571/6/2
Place: Vesper Bay
Posted on 08 Feb 2017 22:19

Sharcos leaned back against a stack of grates and allowed himself a sigh as he looked out across the open waters of the Strait of Merlthor. The caravan had reached Vesper Bay, its first major waypoint on the way south from Mor Dhona, and his work with them was now finished. The meager wages earned on the way were secured with his other belongings, and he was free to continue on to where he wanted to go.
But where, exactly, was that? Looking out to the sea, he suddenly couldn't decide just what to do. While his main intention had been to head across the rocky wastes of Thanalan east to Ul'dah, from his first glimpse of the sea his mind had been changing rapidly. The waters of the Silvertear Lake had been impressive enough, but the sea! This was something else, something that yet again, he hadn't had enough imagination to think of back home, surrounded by the mountains of Abalathia's Spine. It filled him with a craving to have more of that unknown, to familiarize himself with this alien landscape, find out about its people. Were the people who lived by the sea just as clueless about the mountains as he had been about the sea?
It created an alluring option to aim for. Across the Strait was the city-state of Limsa Lominsa, he knew, a city that had supposedly been built on water! There were sailors of all kinds and merchants from all over Eorzea and even beyond, and the amounts of fish one could surely eat in a city on water was enough to boggle his mind. Fish back at home had been a rare treat, there weren't any lakes or major rivers where their pasture grounds had been, and the Sea of Clouds wasn't near enough most of the year.
The sea breeze felt good on his face. Sharcos felt like leaning into it, and at that moment he knew he had made his decision already. He would go to Limsa Lominsa first, at least to see the sights and soak in the atmosphere if not a longer stay. Ul'dah with all its wonders could wait, and surely wouldn't be as impressive as this. A desert he could imagine even back home. He hopped up from his crate and headed for the docks. Vesper Bay was known for its ferry connection to Limsa Lominsa, which made all this awfully convenient. All he had to do was pay for his fare and hop on, and he would be on his way.

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