Sellswords and Starlight

Hydaelyn date: 1571/5/28
Place: Coerthas Eastern Highlands, Dawn Vigil
Posted on 03 Jan 2017 02:34

The pre-dawn light filtered down to the road leading out of the Dawn Vigil. Sharcos adjusted the spear on his back, knowing that it would take a while for it to feel natural again, after a little over a month of not going everywhere armed. Today was the day he would leave his home. He had had his nameday in the safety of his uncle's house a scant few days ago, his last guaranteed feast weighing lightly on his mind compared to the weight his unknown future bore.
A pack chocobo nearby quehed nearby, and was absentmindedly patted by its yawning handler. This small merchant caravan had been looking for an extra hand for protection, and Sharcos was more than happy to provide that after finding out where they were heading. Limsa Lominsa had not been his first choice of destinations, but it was a more than adequate first stop on his journey. He would get to see the seas! As a born-and-bred Coerthan, he had spent his life in the unyielding highlands of Coerthas, on the slopes of the highest mountain range in all of Eorzea. After his plans to join the caravan had been realized several days ago, he had found himself with a sudden craving for an environment so completely different from his home that he thought it might just be unrecognizable as the same world. Limsa Lominsa would do indeed.
"You alright there, lad?"
Sharcos turned to the older mercenary who formed the main security force of the caravan. "Yes, ser. Just anxious to get going."
"Plenty enough time in the world, as long as you don't go get yourself killed." The older man eyed him a little warily. They weren't fast friends, but had spent some of the previous day talking shop while observing various errands for the caravan. Tommen, as was his name, was a muscled Highlander who had spent spent over a decade offering his sword for various merchants and other travelers who needed a little extra protection and were capable of paying his fee. The roads of Eorzea weren't always safe even away from the highland bandits of Coerthas, Sharcos had learned, there was plenty of folk of the opportunistic kind in all corners of the realm.
Sharcos thought it good that Sahra hadn't been around to hear all of Tommen's tales, she had been too busy with her own new duties to pester him much about his leaving. No doubt some of the wilder sort of the tales would have made her worry overmuch, which was something Sharcos would rather avoid if he could. Much of the reason he was setting out was so that she could have a better, more stable life, and she wouldn't well have that if she was kept in constant presence of a nagging worry for his safety. Having her future be assured would also free him up to lead his own life without worries over hers.
Beside him, as if by some unspoken command, the train of chocobos edged forwards, first slowly and then more determinedly. It was time to go. Before Sharcos went to follow Tommen beside the caravan, he turned to have one last look at Dawn Vigil. Who knew how long it would be until he saw it again, and what kind of circumstances would bring him back here.
He took a few quick strides to catch up to Tommen, and kept his eyes at the farthest reach of the road he could see. This was the start of his story.

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