Hydaelyn date: 1571/5/4
Place: Coerthas Eastern Highlands, nearby Dawn Vigil
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The setting sun was shining its reddish light into Sharcos's eyes. The spring was well and truly getting started on its way to summer, but the evening today had a chill to it that he did his best to ignore. He and his sister Sahra were sitting on a lightly forested mountainside by the Dawn Vigil, sharing their silence if not their thoughts.
Miriam, their mother, had died of a wasting illness not two days past. With their father having passed away two years ago, the two of them were the only ones their small family had left. Sharcos knew he would be alright, he was old enough and skilled enough to make his own way in the world, but Sahra was different. Poor they may be, but Sahra was raised to be a good Halone-fearing lass and was more inclined to the needle and cooking pan than the sword or spear. To make matters worse, it was about time for her to wed, and with the isolated herder life they had lived, there were no suitable candidates that Sharcos knew of.
Sahra would have to go live with their uncle in the vicinity of the Dawn Vigil. He may only be a herdsman himself, taking care of supply meant for the men stationed in the area, but his more sedentary lifestyle allowed him luxuries that Sharcos and Sahra's family had never had. That included more connections with the locals. Which meant more opportunities for marriage for Sahra, and the means to keep her fed and clothed until such a time. Her staying with uncle Bernart made perfect sense, and his family would welcome her with open arms, but the separation still left a vague sense of dread in the both of them. It would mean their old lives were well and truly over, never to return.
"You won't leave until my nameday, will you?" Sahra asked in a low voice.
"I won't. I'll spend my twenty-third here as well. Mother deserves a proper mourning."
The moon watched over by Llymlaen had ever been special in their family, as the namedays of both the children fell within it, even separated by four years as they were. Now, there was one more event to observe in the moon, that of the death of their mother. Sharcos closed his eyes. A dark spot in an otherwise bright moon, robbing them of even that childhood joy.
"Where will you go?"
"I haven't thought about it much yet. Maybe I'll see where my feet take me. I've heard the city-states of the lowlands have a lot of work to offer for any capable hands."
In fact, Sharcos had thought about it a lot. At the very least, enough to know that while it was the only honorable way, joining the fight against dragons would not be in his near future. He wanted to travel and see the world, and as such a desire was at odds with every Ishgardian's holy duty to join the war, he was cautious enough to leave such desires untold. Looking for profitable work was more acceptable, even though even that by itself could be seen as heretical as of late if it took you far outside the confines of Ishgard. Better leave now, afore things escalated further in the homeland, robbing him ever of his chance to see what the rest of the world had to offer. He could always join the war later, hopefully bearing more fighting experience within him.
"I fear you'll get yourself killed, there, far from home."
"Worry yourself not, Sahra. I have braved the wilds of Coerthas for all my life, there could scarce be anything too far beyond my skill to ward off."
It was an exaggeration, and they both knew it. The world outside may not have dragons, but it still housed plenty of threats to even the most experienced traveler. Sharcos judged himself to have enough knowledge to keep away from the dangerous beasties roaming the lands, although the more intelligent kind might prove too much for him should he have the misfortune of stumbling upon their trap. Or their lair. Or just stumble upon them, period. He was hoping it wouldn't come to that, at the very least that it wouldn't come to that too often.
"In any case, I shall only travel to the great cities of the south, the roads can't be too dangerous compared to the wilds. Merchants are always getting their way about. I'll try send you something fancy once I get there."
Sahra only answered with a noncommittal shrug and a small sound. The two continued watching the sunset. The red shine of the sun dyed the treetops red.

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