The Prison Known as the Thalassocracy

Hydaelyn date: 1571/6/6
Place: Limsa Lominsa, West Hawkers' Alley
Posted on 05 Mar 2013 18:04

Sharcos was on a mission. He was walking determinedly through the throngs of people at the West Hawkers’ Alley, not stopping for any pleas or cries of the merchants, as plentiful as they were. It was a hot enough summer’s day, cooled down by a breeze from the sea. It occasionally gusted through the Alley and brought relief. But he wasn’t interested in this relief, he was interested only in reaching his destination and finding out the truth of the matter.
This morning he had heard that due to relentless attacks by the sahagin as of late, the ferries had been closed down. The very same ferries that were his last contact to the outside world, as airships weren’t running either. And he had been stupid enough not to authorize his own usage of the aetherytes before his arrival in Limsa Lominsa, meaning he couldn’t even teleport himself away unless he found and was willing to pay for the exorbitant prices the people offering that kind of service required now. He would just have to go for the heart of the matter, the ferry service personnel themselves, right down this road in between the docks and Mealvaan’s Gate, the guild of the arcanists which also functioned as a customs house.
He made his way through the last of the people within the confines of the Alley and into the clear space between buildings, the last bit of road before the docks and its attached areas. Only a little more now. He marched onwards. There was another crowd ahead, although thankfully a smaller one this time. His spirits fell as he could see that these people were crowded around his own objective, the ticket counter for the Limsa-Thanalan ferry. Seems that more people than just him were after more information, and were quite possibly in the same situation as himself. Stuck on this island. As entertaining as the idea of coming to Limsa Lominsa had been at the time, he had not planned on staying on the island indefinitely, and his funds were running low as it was. He stopped by the edges of the crowd and tried to listen. He could barely see the woman dressed in blue behind the counter, trying to soothe a dozen people at once. It didn’t seem like it would be worth the effort to try to get to her right now. This would have to be enough. With a little effort, he finally heard enough to determine that there was no word yet on when the ferry service would continue, only that it would be after the seas were safe enough to travel in this method. He wandered away from the crowd and slid down to sit next to a wall. He would have to start making money at the very least to pay for his living here. It would have been in the schedule even if this whole ferry thing hadn’t happened - and he cursed the sahagin to the seventh hell for it - but now he needed to do with what was available for his skills in Vylbrand instead of shopping around for markets around all of Eorzea. Limsa did have good mining did it not? It might at least get him started. And all that blacksmithing, they were in constant need for ship parts, that much he knew simply through common sense, this being the biggest port in Eorzea. Maybe he could even fish a little bit…not commercially, but at least enough to give him a little free food.
“Mind if I sit here?” Sharcos woke from his fevered planning to find a man around his own age settling down next to him.
“You stuck here too? Name’s Brice.”
“Seems that way. Sharcos Dea.” They nodded to each other.

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