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by: JGwintersJGwinters
20 Aug 2016 12:05
2 by JGwintersJGwinters
24 Oct 2016 00:12 Jump!
The site is now updated, and we are ready to recruit new members. \o/
by: ArivessArivess
17 Feb 2015 17:50
Ramble ramble ramble
by: ArivessArivess
17 Sep 2014 18:24
2 by seakameseakame
21 Sep 2014 19:28 Jump!
I've managed to mostly find/compile some hunting guides. Let's have a look and hunt down some shinies? :D
by: ArivessArivess
21 Jul 2014 17:53
I suck at making discussion posts when I say I will, but, but this one's important!
by: ArivessArivess
07 Jul 2014 15:39
In order to encourage people to visit the site more, we are going to have a random discussion topic every Friday! Starting with food!
by: ArivessArivess
20 Jun 2014 16:10
3 by ArivessArivess
23 Jun 2014 15:54 Jump!
Who is wearing a fluffy sweater? New PvP Static forming, and reminder for Endgame Static #2 / Primal EX Static
by: ArivessArivess
16 Jun 2014 16:47
Penalties! Statics! Primals! Oh my!
by: ArivessArivess
13 Jun 2014 18:44
Too many people might/will be absent, so tonight's static run is cancelled. Also, Eld and Moon will not be here this weekend. But we have a Line chat now!
by: ArivessArivess
22 May 2014 19:51
Look! News! Also info about second coil static!
by: ArivessArivess
03 May 2014 01:26
6 by Yunari OerbaYunari Oerba
16 May 2014 05:27 Jump!
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