Achievements in FFVIII

Final Fantasy VIII, being an older game, didn't come with a list of achievements in the original versions. The only version of the game so far to include them has been the Steam re-release.

There are a total of 45 achievements in the game. They are listed in rough categories.


Guardian Forces
Pic Name Description
achievement_quezacotl_ff8.jpg Quezacotl Unlock Guardian Force Quezacotl
achievement_shiva_ff8.jpg Shiva Unlock Guardian Force Shiva
achievement_ifrit_ff8.jpg Ifrit Unlock Guardian Force Ifrit
achievement_siren_ff8.jpg Siren Unlock Guardian Force Siren
achievement_diablos_ff8.jpg Diablos Unlock Guardian Force Diablos
achievement_brothers_ff8.jpg Brothers Unlock Guardian Force Brothers
achievement_carbuncle_ff8.jpg Carbuncle Unlock Guardian Force Carbuncle
achievement_leviathan_ff8.jpg Leviathan Unlock Guardian Force Leviathan
achievement_pandemona_ff8.jpg Pandemona Unlock Guardian Force Pandemona
achievement_cerberus_ff8.jpg Cerberus Unlock Guardian Force Cerberus
achievement_alexander_ff8.jpg Alexander Unlock Guardian Force Alexander
achievement_tonberry_ff8.jpg Tonberry Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry
achievement_cactuar_ff8.jpg Cactuar Unlock Guardian Force Cactuar
achievement_bahamut_ff8.jpg Bahamut Unlock Guardian Force Bahamut
achievement_doomtrain_ff8.jpg Doomtrain Unlock Guardian Force Doomtrain
achievement_eden_ff8.jpg Eden Unlock Guardian Force Eden
Story and Challenges
Pic Name Description
achievement_cardplayer_ff8.jpg Card Player Play Triple Triad
achievement_firstsalary_ff8.jpg First Salary Get your first salary from SeeD
achievement_handyman_ff8.jpg Handyman Upgrade your weapon
achievement_ragnarok_ff8.jpg Ragnarok Find Ragnarok
achievement_endofgame_ff8.jpg End of Game Finish the game
achievement_omegadestroyed_ff8.jpg Omega Destroyed Beat the Omega Weapon
achievement_contrivedfinish_ff8.jpg Contrived Finish Finish the game with Squall's initial level
Be the Greatest
Pic Name Description
achievement_100kills_ff8.jpg 100 Kills Kill 100 enemies
achievement_1000kills_ff8.jpg 1,000 Kills Kill 1,000 enemies
achievement_10000kills_ff8.jpg 10,000 Kills Kill 10,000 enemies
achievement_magician_ff8.jpg Magician Draw (Stock) magic from enemies 100 times
achievement_magicminer_ff8.jpg Magic Miner Draw magic 100 times from draw points
achievement_maximumgil_ff8.jpg Maximum Gil Reach maximum Gil
achievement_maximumhp_ff8.jpg Maximum HP Reach maximum HP
achievement_toplevel_ff8.jpg Top Level Reach level 100
achievement_toprank_ff8.jpg Top Rank Reach SeeD rank A
achievement_bluemagicmaster_ff8.jpg Blue Magic Master Learn all of Quistis' limit break
achievement_dogtrainer_ff8.jpg Dog Trainer Learn all of Rinoa's limit breaks
achievement_timbermaniacs_ff8.jpg Timber Maniacs Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines
achievement_magazineaddict_ff8.jpg Magazine Addict Collect all Weapons Monthly/Combat King/Pet Pals/Occult Fan magazines
Side Quests
Pic Name Description
achievement_loser_ff8.jpg Loser Lose a rare card in a Triple Triad game
achievement_professionalplayer_ff8.jpg Professional Player Win 100 games of Triple Triad
achievement_collector_ff8.jpg Collector Collect all cards
achievement_cardsclubmaster_ff8.jpg Cards Club Master Defeat every member of the CC Group
achievement_chocobo_ff8.jpg Chocobo Capture a Chocobo
achievement_chocoloot_ff8.jpg Choco Loot Acquired an item from Chocobo World
achievement_toplevelboko_ff8.jpg Top Level Boko Reach level 100 with Boko
achievement_obellakesecret_ff8.jpg Obel Lake Secret Complete the Obel Lake side quest
achievement_ufo_ff8.jpg UFO Complete the PuPu side quest

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