Achievements of FFXI

Due to Final Fantasy XI only being released on one current-gen console (that is, the Xbox 360), only one version of the game comes with an accomplishment list. This is a list of the unlockable achievements on the Xbox 360 version of the game.
There is a total of 57 achievements, combining up to 1,250 points. The way to actually unlock them is to talk to a bard NPC in town, the process is not automatic.
For anyone not playing on Xbox360, obtaining the various titles of the game will have to do as a mark of progress. You can see the available titles here.

30+-point Achievements

Synthesis Skill 100 (50 points, any crafting skill at 100)
Top Mercenary Rank (40 points)
Promathia Missions (40 points)
Zilart Missions (40 points)
Aht Urhgan Missions (40 points)
Wings of the Goddess Missions (40 points)

30-point Achievements

Lv 75 Bard
Lv 75 Beastmaster
Lv 75 Black Mage
Lv 75 Blue Mage
Lv 75 Corsair
Lv 75 Dancer
Lv 75 Dark Knight
Lv 75 Dragoon
Lv 75 Monk
Lv 75 Ninja
Lv 75 Paladin
Lv 75 Puppetmaster
Lv 75 Ranger
Lv 75 Red Mage
Lv 75 Samurai
Lv 75 Scholar
Lv 75 Summoner
Lv 75 Thief
Lv 75 Warrior
Lv 75 White Mage
Bastok Rank 10
San d'Oria Rank 10
Windurst Rank 10
Breaker of Chains (title)
Medal of Altana
Dynamis-Tavnazia Interloper (title)
Dynamis-Xarcabard Interloper (title)
Gold Ballistar (title)

10-20-point Achievements

Apollyon Ravager (20 points, title)
Temenos Liberator (20 points, title)
Past Vana'diel Nation Quests (20 points)

5-point Achievements

Chocobo Whistle
VCS Registration Card
Extra Job
Support Job
Pure White Feather
Ballista License
Imperial Army ID Tag
Boarding Permit
Airship Pass for Kazham
Airship Pass
Chocobo License
Guild Membership (join any crafting guild)
Artifact Quests (complete any AF quest story)
Destined Fellow (title)
Star Breaker (title)
Cloud Breaker (title)
Sky Breaker (title)
Summit Breaker (title)
Horizon Breaker (title)
Official Soul Reflector

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