Chapters of Final Fantasy Tactics

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This page lists all the quests available through the chapters of the main story in Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as the sidequests and errands.

Main Story

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Errands are short quests you can send your units out on. Note that only generic units can be sent, not story-related characters or monsters. Errands have only very short story bits related to them, their main purpose is obtaining JP and gil. However, they do also occasionally reward Artefacts and Wonders. Each of these has an associated rank that rises as you find more of them. Raising in ranks has no reward other than a decorative star on your Chronicle screen after reaching the top rank.

# Found Artefacts # Found Wonders
1 Level 1 Treasure Hunter 1 Level 1 Adventurer
4 Level 2 Treasure Hunter 3 Level 2 Adventurer
8 Level 3 Treasure Hunter 6 Level 3 Adventurer
12 Level 4 Treasure Hunter 8 Level 4 Adventurer
16 Level 5 Treasure Hunter 10 Level 5 Adventurer
20 Level 6 Treasure Hunter 12 Level 6 Adventurer
24 Level 7 Treasure Hunter 14 Level 7 Adventurer
31 Master Treasure Hunter 16 Master Adventurer

Errands become available after certain events in the main story. Below, they have been divided according to that. However, do note that even if you fail to succeed in an errand before that chapter is over, they'll still be available afterwards. If you fail in an errand, it will become available again starting with the following month.

Chapter II Start

Artificers' Contest
The Gariland Magick Melee
The Highwind
The Hindenburg
Miner Shortage
Miner's Tale
Mount Gulg Mother Lode
My Little Carrot
Zaland Embassy Antiques
The Zaland Melee
Shoreline Defense

Chapter III Start

Abandoned Mine
Clockwork Faire
The Dawn Queen
Frontier Marathon
Lorraide Mine
Mameco the Minstrel
Merchant's Regret
Mesa's Legacy
Minstrel in Distress
Old Toppa's Will
Salvage Expedition
Second Frontier Marathon
Stolen Tomes
Third Frontier Marathon
Zerro's Challenge

Chapter III After Orbonne

Diving Expedition
Fenland Mystery
Guard Duty
The Siedge Weald
Trick of the Light
The Yardrow Melee

Chapter IV Start

Adventurers Wanted
Arithmetic Tutor Wanted
Beddha Sandwaste
Coal Miners Wanted
Count Minimas (1)
Count Minimas (2)
Count Minimas (3)
Devil in the Dark
The Durga
Endless Caverns
The Falcon
Father's Nightmare
Fia's Wish
Foundered Vessel
Frontier Expedition
Gleddia Isle
Hellspawned Beast
Himca Cliffs
In the Darkness
Lamzen the Adventurer
Lettre d'Amour
Metamorphosed Misery
More Coal Miners Wanted
Ore of the Gods
Past Glory
Rain-swept Slopes
Rhana Strait
Secret Society
Shadows from the Past
True Romance
Wandering Gambler (1)
Zerro's Return
Zerro Strikes
Zerro Strikes Again

Chapter IV After Zalera

Ancient Wonder
Beastly Trail
The Behemoth
Cellar Dungeon
Coal Mining Expedition
Cries in the Dark
Death's Gorge
Dredge Work
Ducal Disaster
Gysahl Greens
Historic Revolt
Lake Poescas Depths
Lionel Emissary
Miner's Dream
Missing Boy
Salvage Work
Second Coal Mining Expedition
Terror's Maw
Twilight Gutskov
The Typhoon
Uninvited Guests
Wandering Gambler (2)
Young Lord Pappal
Zerro's Final Heist

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