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Crystal Defenders (or Crystal Guardians as it was originally known) is a tower defense game originally for mobile phones. It was later released as a downloadable title for Wii Shopping Channel, PSN, Xbox Live and the App Store. The latter three have the whole game as a single package for 10$, and the WiiWare version is divided into two parts, each worth 800 points.


The game is divided into three (two on WiiWare) parts. W1 teaches the basics, W2 introduces summons, Crystal-units and more jobs, and W3 presents tough challenges. For the WiiWare version W2 was divided into two parts and spread between R1 and R2. See Episodes of Crystal Defenders for more information.

Playing Crystal Defenders in itself is very simple. If your version has all the episodes in one, pick the episode you want to play. This will get you the main menu of the episode, where you can start playing, adjust the options, or see world-wide rankings (only available after you've completed a map with rankings available). There is only one save file, however each map can be repeated as many times as you wish and there is nothing that would carry over to the next maps besides summons and which maps you can access. Gaining access to the next map in line will require completion of the last map.


When you select to start the game, you will be presented with the world map screen. If you've never played before, you will only have one battle map available to choose from. As stated before, completing the newest battle map will unlock the next one. It is also possible to clear a map. All that requires is completing the map with all your crystals left.

If you have multiple battle maps available, you can move between them with the arrow keys. moving to the location of a battle map allows you to see the title of the battle map, the name and description of the area it is in, a preview of the battle map on the upper left corner and units available to you in the battle. In addition, when selecting the battle map a unit of yours or your helper moogle will say something about the conditions in the battle map, for example what kind of monsters you're likely to battle against.

Battle Basics

Upon selecting the battle map you are taken to the battle map screen. You will see a winding path through the screen, and the word 'Arrival' flashing on one exit. This is where the monsters will appear, and walk on the path until they reach the other exit point. Your job is to prevent them from doing that by placing your units in appropriate locations so they can reach the monsters and kill them before they get to your crystals. Should a monster reach your crystals, they will take at least one with them, some stronger ones will take more. Should all your crystals be taken, you will fail the battle map and have to try again.

Once you've checked the point of arrival, press the confirmation button (2 on Wii, X on Playstation, etc). You will be displayed the type of monster(s) the next Wave will have. A Wave is a group of monsters that will walk along the path. Once one Wave has passed, the action will pause and you will be given time to deploy units again before the next Wave comes. Each map has a set number of Waves that will come before it is completed.
Some monsters will have special attributes. They can be resistant or immune to magical or physical damage, or can be much quicker than normally. In the upper left corner you will see the next three Waves that are coming up. If the Wave has a special attribute, it will be displayed as an icon next to the Wave's monster icon.


You should now place at least one unit on the field. Press the confirmation button again to bring up the unit selection screen. Once you've selected the unit you wish to place on the field, you can move its position to a suitable one. However, be aware that once you've set a unit on the field you cannot remove it or even change its location.
Each unit has a deployment cost in gil, and will start at level 1. You can raise a unit's level by selecting the unit and paying the level-up cost. The higher the level you want to reach, the more it will cost.

When you're satisfied with the units you have on the field (or run out of gil), press the appropriate button to start the Wave. Once you manage to clear all the Waves, you will complete the battle map and be returned to the world map.


Each map will have certain types of units available for you to deploy in battle. To see the unit roster available, see the upper left corner of the screen (world map with the appropriate battle map selected) or press confirmation button on empty space (on battle map).


There are two different types of units. First are the traditional units of different jobs familiar from the Tactics series. These can be physical, magical and/or ranged in nature. Most units will have a Power stat that tells how powerful their attacks are, although not all job units can deal damage. For example, the Time Mage only casts Slow (in place of Power, the job's status screen will show their Slow potency) and Thief only raises the amount of gil you will receive for killing a monster (the gil multiplier is displayed beneath all other stats). In addition to Power/special stat, the status screen will display the unit's Range and Speed.
The second type of units are Crystals. Deploying a Crystal on the field will raise a certain status of the units in range of the Crystal. Crystals of different color will raise a different stat.

Range is a very important stat to consider. It determines how far a unit can attack or how far their effect reaches. You can see a unit's range as a visual representation (a white circle surrounding the unit) when you place the cursor on top of a unit. Always make sure to deploy your job units so they can reach the path the monsters walk on, and to deploy Crystals where there are units nearby to strengthen.

To see a list of all the units available and the unit stats, see Defenders in Crystal Defenders.



Summons in Crystal Defenders can be acquired after defeating one on a map they appear in. The summon(s) will be the last Wave of a battle map, without exception. It is very possible to complete a map without acquiring the summon if you have enough crystals left to survive it, although you should always try to defeat the summon instead.

Once you have acquired at least one summon, you can summon it (once per Wave) from the job selection menu. Another tab will appear next to the job and crystal tabs. Place the cursor on it and the summon menu will appear.

Summoning will cost a certain amount of crystals, dependent on the summon you wish to call forth. Be sure to not use up too many of your crystals, accidents may happen and monsters come through even after using the summon. In that case, you might fail the battle map.

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