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This page introduces the basics of Dirge of Cerberus, a 3rd person shooter with RPG elements in the Final Fantasy series. It is available for PS2, and while original Japanese release had a multiplayer feature, the servers for that have long since closed down, and even the International release in Japan didn't have the data for it included.

The game is quite simple. You control Vincent Valentine, and your main method of becoming stronger is upgrading your weapons (see below Items>Modifying Weapons), the basic parts of which can either be found within the game by various methods, or in the case of the most common parts, by buying them from the between-chapters shop. Additionally, you gain strength by leveling up. Various methods let you get more exp during a chapter, and should you complete the chapter (or die and retry the chapter segment) you gain all the exp from that chapter/chapter segment at once. Note that this does mean that no exp is received instantly. When gaining exp, you are also given the option to exchange it all for gil instead, to be able to buy more powerful weapons and upgrades.
In some sections of the game, you control the doll Cait Sith instead of Vincent. These sections do not let you attack at all, simply move and perform pre-approved actions at certain points by pressing X.

Battle Basics

The battle of this game, being a shooter, consists of free-form movement (running, jumping, camera) with enemies appearing on the same map where you explore. Each shot that hits its target deals a certain amount of damage depending on the Power and Accuracy of the gun (or alternately, the type of materia you use and if it's upgraded or not, and in the case of melee attacks if it's upgraded or not).
Below are listed the basic controls of the game.

Left stick Movement Change item
Right stick Camera/aim Use item
× Jump (up to double jump)
Take action
Melee (can be comboed)
Put away weapon
R1 Shoot
Crouch L1 Use magic (if equipped, requires charge)
◻ + left stick Dash R2 Reload
Menu L2 Change weapon
R3 Zoom
Use Scope (if available)
L1+R1 Deactivate Limit Break
L3 Reset camera Pause Pauses the game, brings up pause menu

Shooting requires ammo of the appropriate kind for your weapon (and more specifically, its frame). Make sure you have enough ammo availabe, they can both be found as treasures and drops as well as bought from shops (jukebox). For any other type of gun than the basic handgun, you must first find or buy and equip the frame before you can use bullets of that type.
Magic requires MP to use, this can be regenerated through mako points (glowing blue circles on the floor) and items. To be able to use magic, you additionally must have a materia equipped on your current weapon. You can add materia to your weapon through modifying it once you've found or bought a materia.

Note that while your weapon is drawn (and click of either R1 or L1), a green targeting circle appears on the screen. Enemies within the circle can be hit, although with a very low accuracy. If, however, a smaller pink circle appears within or close by to the green circle, it means that the enemy within that pink circle is more likely to be hit.

Once you gain (and equip to a weapon) a Sniper Scope, any weapon you equip it to will become capable of zooming in on an enemy. Aiming and shooting in sniper mode works the same as in normal mode.

Items and Commerce

The item system within Dirge of Cerberus is very simple. You pick up items (by walking over them) and use them from menus or through actions (listed above when applicable). The most important items are parts for your weapons, most of the rest are recovery items and collectibles.
Collectibles include Omega reports (used to unlock secret ending), DG reports, and memory capsules. Memory capsules come in white, red, green and blue varieties, each required a different method to unlock (blow up a barrel/mine, shoot, melee, magic). They unlock the various extra features within the game, including the extra missions, a theater mode, artwork and music.

Shops can be accessed on the field through a jukebox, as well as automatically between chapters. Through the shop interface, you can also modify

See here for the item list for this game.

Modifying Weapons

You can modify your weapons by going through the △ menu and opening the modifying menu. You are given three slots within which to freely build your favorite type of weapons from the parts you have obtained so far. Each weapon comes with Frame, Bullets, Barrel, Scope, Option and Accessory slots. Out of these, Bullets is filled in automatically based on the Frame slot, and you can leave Scope, Option and Accessory completely empty should you wish it for some reason. However, it's strongly recommended you fill in all the slots to make your weapons stronger.

Note that the Scope slot only has two different options to put in, either a Sneaker Scope to enable sniping or a Materia Floater to level up the strength of your materia. Please note that the Materia Floater is useless if you don't also equip a materia to the same gun, and the Sneaker Scope is useless if your gun can't shoot very far.

Each part gives certain characteristics to the weapon you attach it to. One thing to keep an eye out for is a weapon's total Weight (each part you add has a weight to it), as letting a weapon become too heavy will make your movements slower while wielding it. If your weapon starts hindering your movement, you can equip a Gravity Floater to counteract it somewhat.
The characteristics of weapon parts are listed in the below section Stats and Their Meanings

Stats and Their Meanings

Dirge of Cerberus has two sets of stats in it. First are personal stats, affecting your gameplay regardless of the weapon you wield. The second set are gun stats, determining how much damage you do with that particular weapon.

Personal Stats
HP The amount of damage you can take before dying
MP The amount of magic you can cast before becoming unable to
STR Affects your attacking (gun and melee) damage
DEF Affects the damage you take
DEX Affects the accuracy of your guns
INT Affects your magic attacking strength
Gun Stats
WGT Weight A heavy weapon affects your movement
POW Power The attack power added to your gun
RNG Range The maximum range added to your gun
SPD Speed The maximum firing rate your gun is capable of
MAG Magazine How many bullets your gun can hold at once
HIGH Long (Accuracy) The gun's long-range accuracy
MED Medium (Accuracy) The gun's medium-range accuracy
LOW Short (Accuracy) The gun's short-range accuracy

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