Dirge of Cerberus Missions

This page lists the various chapters and missions in Dirge of Cerberus. First are listed the story chapters and the missions within, below them can be found the extra missions (available only in the EN version of the game) and the multiplayer missions (available only in JP version).

Story Mode

Chapter 1: Sea of Flames
Chapter 2: Showdown in the Wastes
Chapter 3: Silent Edge
Chapter 4: Headquarters Under Siege
Chapter 5: Manor of Despair
Chapter 6: Deepground Strikes Back
Chapter 7: The Shera
Chapter 8a: Midgar Assault
Chapter 8b: Fight for the Central Complex
Chapter 9: Empire in Ruins
Chapter 10: Shinra's Dark Secret
Chapter 11: Beginnings
Chapter 12a: Omega & Chaos
Chapter 12b: A Finale Chaotic

Extra Missions

These missions are unlockable via white Memory Capsules that can be found within the story mode. To pick one up, you need to destroy the capsule by exploding a nearby barrel or mine (just shoot at one to make it explode).
The list is provided in the order the game offers it.

1. Zephyr Heathlands
2. Widow Missileer
3. Wastelings
4. Vincent the Mage
5. Deep Labyrinth
6. Boxemon
7. Gatling in the Wastes
8. Lord of the Jungle
9. Cait Versus the World
10. Missilebreaker Melee
11. Collector's Mind
12. Vincent the Destroyer
13. Rains of Gehenna
14. Vincent the Grappler
15. Red and Blue
16. Stygian Sewers
17. Messenger from Hell
18. Badlands
19. Chamber of Ghosts
20. Deep Tower
21. Cait Versus the Crimson
22. Shinra Manor Prime
23. Rampart Rumble
24. Contra Kalm
25. Missilebreaker Deathmatch
26. Cait Versus the Cerulean
27. Vincent the Beast
28. Cyclopean Causeway
29. Trick Arc
30. 100,000 Needles
31. Cait Versus the Bull
32. Deepground Soldiers
33. Shieldbreaker
34. Spiral
35. One-handed
36. Black Widow Tetra
37. Gatling Shower
38. Go with the Flow
39. Brotherly Love
40. Unlimited DG
41. Drumline
42. Two-handed
43. Cait Versus the Empowered
44. Deepground
45. Stronghold Impervious
46. An Invitation to Illusion

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode doesn't have chapters per so, but does have an overarching story. The story details are included in the multiplayer mode page.

Multiplayer Mode
0. Opening
1. The Transparent and the Silver
2. Risk of Triple S
3. Azul and His Meal
4. The Skills of the Tsviet
5. In the Presence of Darkness
6. Real, Yet Fake
7. Let's Play, Shall We?
8. The Power of the Transparent
9. Beyond the Bonds
10. 'E' is for Emperor
11. When the Scores are Settled
12. The Finale of a Tragedy

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