Dissidia Passwords

Dissidia has a set of secret passwords to unlock exclusive fights, accessories and friend icons. These passwords cannot be obtained in the game, but were distributed at various gaming sites instead.
To input a password, navigate to friend card configuration under Communication Mode, and choose to set your friend card message. Type in the desired password in place of a message in half-width latin letters (if you're playing EU/NA version, this is the default setting), and you will obtain the corresponding reward. When inputted correctly, this process won't change your friend card message.
While most versions have the same friend cards available through passwords, the Ultimate Tuning version has different ones. However, while they bear different names and have different introduction lines, all other info is the same as in previous versions.

Accessory Recipe Passwords

Aquarius Recipe
Japanese version: MZCC3H38ZTUK / 554906642
EU/NA version: 3927540667
Aries Recipe
Japanese version: 3MKERDTA2AK / 175282716
EU/NA version: 6798067239
Cancer Recipe
Japanese version: SSAYECXK4CY6 / 329422096
EU/NA version: 1125877315
Capricorn Recipe
Japanese version: UC5H3J46F3MZA / 815510027
EU/NA version: 870322642
Gemini Recipe
Japanese version: H3CSH3SDA3YUN / 660132958
EU/NA version: 1137250106
Leo Recipe
Japanese version: HA3SESGAH3W3A / 1195731942
EU/NA version: 2367933714
Libra Recipe
Japanese version: TGALKCAWTNA / 3396159264
EU/NA version: 901104871
Pisces Recipe
Japanese version: QTAK5UWATGA / 485667001
EU/NA version: 531062973
Sagittarius Recipe
Japanese version: UC6H3M3778CH3 / 2046384229
EU/NA version: 884911049
Scorpio Recipe
Japanese version: H336DETYA23X / 299194718
EU/NA version: 6535897932
Taurus Recipe
Japanese version: KRCYGU7RJ8E3 / 7720436905
EU/NA version: 897651643
Virgo Recipe
Japanese version: ECTLMCCW3NMC / 6008578640
EU/NA version: 93702898

Friend Card Passwords

Japanese version: MAPE5REPE4T5 / 902297813 (Shelco)
EU/NA version: 1191170358
Fight: Cloud of Darkness lv 52
Reward: Gnomish Bread
ID Color: Purple

Japanese version: AK6ATR7ECD8N / 5676359126 (Rikku)
EU/NA version: 1298228499
Fight: Jecht lv 100
Reward: Al Bhed Primer
ID Color: Blue

Japanese version: LAXBU6GRA4U / 4401539118 (Lamont)
EU/NA version: 7140337848
Fight: Gabranth lv 100
Reward: Nethicite
ID Color: Orange

Japanese version: PASS3SU433KA / 677625903 (Ricard)
EU/NA version: 827669534
Fight: Mateus Palamecia lv 74
Reward: Wyvern Egg
ID Color: Sky

Cait Sith
Japanese version: P2KET4DTCW6 / 300177172 (Domino)
EU/NA version:5237017057
Fight: Sephiroth lv 66
Reward: Shinra Key Card
ID Color: Orange

Japanese version: SF5AUS5WUJ39Y / 29432971 (Gilbart)
EU/NA version: 29432971
Fight: Golbez lv 100
Reward: Whisperweed
ID Color: Yellow

Japanese version: GU3RK3UG4AMP / 902573318 (Krile)
EU/NA version: 33906088
Fight: Bartz Klauser lv 100
Reward: Dragon Seal
ID Color: Yellow

Japanese version: RJAGH5UE6NA7 / 6610733215 (Ward)
EU/NA version: 25315075
Fight: Squall Leonhart lv 24
Reward: Occult Fan
ID Color: White

Japanese version: M8ATK2TCPAYA / 6884961125 (Dwarf)
EU/NA version: 3939258263
Fight: Warrior of Light lv 100
Reward: Crystal Eye
ID Color: Purple

Japanese version: MR3ZNNGXU72P / 1298876890 (Hilda)
EU/NA version: 2015944102
Fight: Firion lv 100
Reward: Wild Rose
ID Color: Yellow

Japanese version: H4NA53NJRE9 / 3490645451 (Unne)
EU/NA version: 2748173856
Fight: Onion Knight lv 100
Reward: Noah's Lute
ID Color: Grey

Japanese version: 6C6M6E6G6A6 / 8881211774 (Necrophobia)
EU/NA version: 49326576
Fight: Exdeath lv 100
Reward: Omega Medal
ID Color: Puprle

Red Wings
Japanese version: 6A3K2A538TS / 1897655520 (Kain)
EU/NA version: 228451809
Fight: Cecil Harvey lv 94
Reward: Carnelian Signet
ID Color: Red

Japanese version: SME4SA39SFAH / 9106376762 (Quistis)
EU/NA version: 6764925796
Fight: Ultimecia lv 100
Reward: Eden
ID Color: Green

Japanese version: 469J3ELEVENWS / 1984722012 (Iruki-Waraki)
EU/NA version: 4797837576
Fight: Shantotto lv 31
Reward: Automaton Parts
ID Color: Blue

Japanese version: A3NASX6UXT7 / 1004080824 (Salamander)
EU/NA version: 473897101
Fight: Zidane Tribal lv 100
Reward: Chocograph
ID Color: Green

Japanese version: 8TA9CQQTAC / 610506144 (Celes)
EU/NA version: 2193355016
Fight: Terra Branford lv 100
Reward: [[item:[Healthy Fish#FFD]]]
ID Color: Red

Japanese version: VTS3RAPLVKE3 / 782819055 (Eiko)
EU/NA version: 3784227940
Fight: Kuja lv 100
Reward: Eidolon Grave
ID Color: White

Japanese version: WRKA3KUMKRA / 678714199 (Braska)
EU/NA version: 812417748
Fight: Tidus lv 100
Reward: Sphere
ID Color: Blue

War Mech
Japanese version: CH4D9EN3A3TE3 / 3103448727 (Robot)
EU/NA version: 651738986
Fight: Garland lv 52
Reward: Warp Cube
ID Color: Sky

Japanese version: PASS3CH3GC45 / 560593946
EU/NA version: 8672142937
Fight: Cloud Strife lv 45
Reward: Snowboard
ID Color: White

Japanese version: FGR3ET5KKJC / 1894522938 (Leo)
EU/NA version: 20151231
Fight: Kefka Palazzo lv 100
Reward: Cat's Bell
ID Color: Sky

Friend Icon Passwords

Japanese version: SCHKJKDB3CH6C
EU/NA version: 582052436
Japanese version: 28C7KMT23M48
EU/NA version: 4273120192
Japanese version: HK4A3ST6HA3S4
EU/NA version: 361855216
Japanese version: 7TY2AE6KLUL8
EU/NA version: 3881459361
Japanese version: TCAMABR3ADTQ
EU/NA version: 4460725253
FF Versus XIII
Japanese version: HEEBANRLTGS
EU/NA version: 5632121231
FF Versus XIII
Japanese version: NGAA3NMB3URGR
EU/NA version: 589786789
Japanese version: HMM48AC4JH3
EU/NA version: 134103103


Golden Friend Card
Japanese version: T1A9K7E5S0H6I1A9R0A8K1A2W1A8@SQUARE-ENIX
Note that this code has no other function than to change the color of your fiend card. It only works in the original Japanese-language game.

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