FFTR Version Differences

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm has two different versions to date. While the two versions have the same basic gameplay, their available modes, characters and DLC vary.

Original 3DS Version

The original version of the game was released on the 3DS. Of the two, it is by far the more expansive in nature. The basic game comes with three types of songs - Battle, Field and Event. All of these three types can be enjoyed in the Quest and Challenge modes - Quest letting you play through one of each type of song from each Final Fantasy in a coherent progression, Challenge letting you play through individual songs - as well as the Temple of Chaos mode. The last one is made up of Dark Notes, each of which consists of one FMS and one BMS, randomly put together from all the native song selection the game has.

There are 13 basic characters included, with 16 others that can be unlocked by playing through the game. There are no DLC characters in this version.
As for the songs themselves, the game includes 39 basic songs, available from the start, and several additional songs that can be unlocked by playing through the game. In addition to these, there are DLC songs available.

While the game doesn't feature actual social network connectivity, players can share ProfiCards through the 3DS information sharing system.

iOS Version

After the original release the game was released for the iOS. Please note that anything below 5th generation devices cannot handle the game well and are very prone to crashing. Since the basic game is free, it would be prudent to check first if your device can play the game at all without crashing before purchasing any additional content - which there is a lot of. In fact, the majority of the game comes in the form of DLC, the basic game only having 1 of each type of songs it can handle, those being BMS and FMS. EMS songs are missing from this version.
Another difference is in the modes available for play. These include a mode reminiscent of Challenge in the original version, where you simply play through one song at a time, and a Quest Medley mode where a random composition of 5, 10, 20 or 'infinite' songs are put together. Unlike other modes, in this mode HP is shared between songs.

In addition to the features mentioned before, there is a Compose Score feature that lets you create your own scores for the songs available. Also in addition to the basic three difficulties (Basic, Expert, Ultimate), the game features an Illusive level with varying degrees of difficulty. Note that the difficulty level Dark Note is missing from this version.

In the basic game are also included the same 13 basic characters the original version has, although that is where it ends. All other characters, including the 16 additional ones from the original as well as 9 new characters, are all DLC.
On the song side, as mentioned before the basic game has 2 songs included, all others are DLC. These include all the songs available (included and DLC) for the original game as well as several completely new additions.

In place of the 3DS's connectivity features, this version of the game has Twitter integration. You can upload both your ProfiCard and any original score you've made through the Compose Score feature and make it available for other players via a Twitter link.

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