Final Fantasy XI Servers

The servers in Final Fantasy XI are separate incarnations of Vana’diel, each with their own player population. In the game lingo, a server is called a world. Unlike some other games, there are no regional servers, you can meet people from all over the world in each server.
There are only minor differences between servers, like the Auction House prices and slight differences in population. There is an exception of course, and that is Atomos. Atomos is the test server that Square Enix uses to test out new updates.

To begin with, it wasn't possible to choose your server when creating a new character. Later, a Gold World Pass was added that enabled you to create a character on the same server as the character you bought the pass. However, after several years the practice was changed. Nowadays when creating a character, you can choose freely between servers.

The servers listed below are in order of activation.

Active Servers

Cerberus (7.11.2002)
Bismarck (19.12.2002)
Lakshmi (13.3.2003)
Asura (9.12.2003)
Atomos (internal test server)

Defunct Servers

Chaos (PS2 beta)1
Zande (PS2 beta)
Golbez (PS2 beta)
Xdeath (PS2 beta)
Glacyalabolas (Windows beta)2
Cactuar (NA beta)3
Hydra (Xbox 360 beta)4

Titan (merged with Phoenix)5
Ramuh (merged with Bahamut)
Alexander (merged with Shiva)
Ifrit (merged with Odin)
Diabolos (merged with Siren)
Caitsith (merged with Ragnarok)
Unicorn (merged with Fenrir)
Gilgamesh (merged with Carbuncle)
Ixion (merged with Bismarck)6
Typhon (merged with Kujata)
Kirin (merged with Bismarck)
Pandemonium (merged with Asura)7
Garuda (merged with Lakshmi)
Kujata (merged with Valefor)8
Seraph (merged with Bismarck)9
Midgarsormr (merged with Quetzalcoatl)10
Fairy (merged with Sylph)11
Remora (merged with Leviathan)12
Hades (merged with Cerberus)

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