Gacha of Mobius

The gacha in Final Fantasy Mobius goes by the name of 'card summoning'. The main currency for buying draws of the gacha is Magicite, although it can be substituted for with summoning tickets. One summoning ticket is worth 500 Magicite. There is also a special type of gacha - the cactuar summon. Draws of the cactuar summon use friend tickets instead of summoning tickets.

Note that you can buy a draw of the gacha partially with tickets and partially with Magicite. The game does this automatically, and prioritizes using up all your tickets before touching the Magicite.

Regular Summon


The regular gacha is divided into two, the single-draw Summon (召喚 [shoukan]) and the 6-draw Grand Summon (大召喚 [daishoukan]). Summon can result in either an ability card or rarely a job card. Grand Summon will yield 5 ability cards and 1 job card. Both have a low chance of yielding fairy tickets as a bonus.

Summon - 500 Magicite (1 Summoning Ticket)
Grand Summon - 3,000 Magicite (up to 6 Summoning Tickets)

Limited Summon

Limited-time gacha always has something special to it. It is usually divided into Summon and Grand Summon just as the regular gacha type is, but especially the Grand Summon often has extras, such as an extra event-specific ability card on top of the five others, or a special job card not otherwise obtainable, or even just better odds at rare cards.

Limited gachas change frequently. In case they have special event cards, those have been noted on the event pages.

Cactuar Summon

The Cactuar gacha (サボテン召喚 [saboten shoukan]) is separate from the other types of gachas in Mobius. It will not yield any job cards or fairy tickets, and instead it gives five Cactuar type cards, which give extra amounts of ability experience or seed boost probability, or even sell for high amounts of gil.

Cactuar Summon (first time) - 10 Friend Tickets
Cactuar Summon (second time) - 20 Friend Tickets
Cactuar Summon (third time) - 50 Friend Tickets
Cactuar Summon (later draws) - 100 Friend Tickets

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