TT Cards (FF8)

This page is a list of all the Triple Triad cards in Final Fantasy VIII. Listed also are what items they refine into with the Card Mod ability and the ways of obtaining the cards. Each card is given a type and a level in the game, and the cards have been listed in this order.

Monster Cards

Monster cards are very easy to get. Each of them can be won in common card games and by using the Card ability on their corresponding monster. No special quests or battles are required for all Monster cards except one.
This exception is a level 5 card called Pupu. It is also an exception in that it can only be obtained once ever.

Level 1: Monster Cards

tt_ff8_geezard.jpg tt_ff8_funguar.jpg tt_ff8_bitebug.jpg tt_ff8_redbat.jpg tt_ff8_blobra.jpg
Geezard Funguar Bite Bug Red Bat Blobra
1 into 5 Screws 1 into 1 M-Stone Piece 1 into 1 M-Stone Piece 1 into 1 Vampire Fang 4 into 1 Rune Armlet
tt_ff8_gayla.jpg tt_ff8_gesper.jpg tt_ff8_fastitocalonf.jpg tt_ff8_bloodsoul.jpg tt_ff8_caterchipillar.jpg
Gayla Gesper Fastitocalon-F Blood Soul Caterchipillar
1 into 1 Mystery Fluid 1 into 1 Black Hole 5 into 1 Water Crystal 1 into 1 Zombie Powder 1 into 1 Spider Web
1 into 1 Cockatrice Pinion

Level 2: Monster Cards

tt_ff8_grat.jpg tt_ff8_buel.jpg tt_ff8_mesmerize.jpg tt_ff8_glacialeye.jpg tt_ff8_belhelmel.jpg
Grat Buel Mesmerize Glacial Eye Belhelmel
1 into 1 Magic Stone 1 into 1 Magic Stone 1 into 1 Mesmerize Blade 1 into 1 Arctic Wind 1 into 1 Saw Blade
tt_ff8_thrustaevis.jpg tt_ff8_anacondaur.jpg tt_ff8_creeps.jpg tt_ff8_grendel.jpg tt_ff8_jelleye.jpg
Thrustaevis Anacondaur Creeps Grendel Jelleye
1 into 1 Shear Feather 1 into 1 Venom Fang 1 into 1 Coral Fragment 1 into 1 Dragon Fin 1 into 1 Magic Stone
Grand Mantis
1 into 1 Sharp Spike

Level 3: Monster Cards

tt_ff8_forbidden.jpg tt_ff8_armadodo.jpg tt_ff8_triface.jpg tt_ff8_fastitocalon.jpg tt_ff8_snowlion.jpg
Forbidden Armadodo Tri-Face Fastitocalon Snow Lion
1 into 1 Betrayal Sword 1 into 1 Dino Bone 1 into 1 Curse Spike 1 into 1 Water Crystal 1 into 1 North Wind
tt_ff8_ochu.jpg tt_ff8_sam08g.jpg tt_ff8_deathclaw.jpg tt_ff8_cactuar.jpg tt_ff8_tonberry.jpg
Ochu SAM08G Death Claw Cactuar Tonberry
1 into 1 Ochu Tentacle 1 into 1 Running Fire 1 into 1 Sharp Spike 1 into 1 Cactus Thorn 1 into 1 Chef's Knife
Abyss Worm
1 into 1 Windmill

Level 4: Monster Cards

tt_ff8_turtapod.jpg tt_ff8_vysage.jpg tt_ff8_trexaur.jpg tt_ff8_bomb.jpg tt_ff8_blitz.jpg
Turtapod Vysage T-Rexaur Bomb Blitz
5 into 1 Healing Mail 1 into 1 Wizard Stone 2 into 1 Dino Bone 1 into 1 Bomb Fragment 1 into 1 Dynamo Stone
tt_ff8_wendigo.jpg tt_ff8_torama.jpg tt_ff8_imp.jpg tt_ff8_bluedragon.jpg tt_ff8_adamantoise.jpg
Wendigo Torama Imp Blue Dragon Adamantoise
1 into 1 Steel Orb 5 into 1 Life Ring 1 into 1 Wizard Stone 1 into 1 Fury Fragment 3 into 1 Turtle Shell
3 into 1 Sharp Spike

Level 5: Monster Cards

tt_ff8_irongiant.jpg tt_ff8_behemoth.jpg tt_ff8_chimera.jpg tt_ff8_pupu.jpg tt_ff8_elastoid.jpg
Iron Giant Behemoth Chimera Pupu Elastoid
3 into 1 Star Fragment 10 into 1 Barrier 10 into 1 Regen Ring 1 into 1 Hungry Cookpot 1 into 1 Steel Pipe
tt_ff8_gim47n.jpg tt_ff8_malboro.jpg tt_ff8_rubydragon.jpg tt_ff8_elnoyle.jpg tt_ff8_tonberryking.jpg
GIM47N Malboro Ruby Dragon Elnoyle Tonberry King
1 into 10 Fast Ammo 4 into 1 Malboro Tentacle 10 into 1 Inferno Fang 10 into 1 Energy Crystal 1 into 1 Chef's Knife
Wedge & Biggs
1 into 1 X-Potion

To obtain this card, you must complete the PuPu sidequest. To put it short, you must first track down a UFO in several specific locations. Next, see the UFO around the chocobo sanctuary area. Finally, head to Balamb Garden's original site and find the UFO again. This time an alien will be there. You must feed this alien 5 elixirs to get the card.

Boss Cards

Boss cards are rather like Monster cards in that just about any card player can be found using them. The only difference is that the Boss cards are slightly more rare and more common on card players with more skill.

Level 6: Boss Cards

tt_ff8_fujinraijin.jpg tt_ff8_elvoret.jpg tt_ff8_xatm092.jpg tt_ff8_granaldo.jpg tt_ff8_gerogero.jpg
Fujin & Raijin Elvoret X-ATM092 Granaldo Gerogero
1 into 1 X-Potion 1 into 10 Death Stone 2 into 1 Turtle Shell 1 into 1 G-Returner 10 into 1 Circlet
tt_ff8_iguion.jpg tt_ff8_abadon.jpg tt_ff8_trauma.jpg tt_ff8_oilboyle.jpg tt_ff8_shumitribe.jpg
Iguion Abadon Trauma Oilboyle Shumi Tribe
1 into 1 Cockatrice Pinion 1 into 30 Dark Ammo 1 into 30 Demolition Ammo 1 into 30 Fire Ammo 5 into 1 Gambler's Spirit
1 into 10 Holy Stone

Level 7: Boss Cards

tt_ff8_propagator.jpg tt_ff8_jumbocactuar.jpg tt_ff8_tripoint.jpg tt_ff8_gargantua.jpg tt_ff8_mobiletype8.jpg
Propagator Jumbo Cactuar Tri-Point Gargantua Mobile Type 8
1 into 1 G-Mega-Potion 1 into 1 Cactus Thorn 40 into 1 Jet Engine 10 into 1 Strength Love 1 into 10 Shell Stone
tt_ff8_sphinxara.jpg tt_ff8_tiamat.jpg tt_ff8_bgh251f2.jpg tt_ff8_redgiant.jpg tt_ff8_catoblepas.jpg
Sphinxara Tiamat BGH251F2 Red Giant Catoblepas
1 into 1 G-Mega-Potion 1 into 10 Flare Stone 1 into 10 Protect Stone 1 into 5 Meteor Stone 1 into 5 Rename Card
Ultima Weapon
1 into 1 Ultima Stone

GF Cards

All GF cards have specific requirements to obtain, none can be merely gained randomly.

Level 8: GF Cards

tt_ff8_chubbychocobo.jpg tt_ff8_angelo.jpg tt_ff8_gilgamesh.jpg tt_ff8_minimog.jpg tt_ff8_chicobo.jpg
Chubby Chocobo Angelo Gilgamesh Mini Mog Chicobo
1 into 100 LuvLuvG 1 into 100 Elixir 1 into 10 Holy War 1 into 100 Pet House 1 into 100 Gysahl Greens
tt_ff8_quezacotl.jpg tt_ff8_shiva.jpg tt_ff8_ifrit.jpg tt_ff8_siren.jpg tt_ff8_sacred.jpg
Quezacotl Shiva Ifrit Siren Sacred
1 into 100 Dynamo Stone 1 into 100 North Wind 1 into 3 Elem Atk 1 into 3 Status Atk 1 into 100 Dino Bone
1 into 10 Adamantine

Chubby Chocobo
Win from a SeeD cadet in Balamb Garden, right outside of the library. If he isn't there try exiting and entering the screen again. You must have advanced in the Card Queen sidequest to have him use this card.
Win from Watts. You can do this in two places in the game only, during disc 1's kidnapping president Deling event or disc 3's White SeeD Ship event.
Win from CC King. To have the King appear, you must first defeat the other 5 members, then talk to Doctor Kadowaki in the infirmary. Finally, go to sleep in your room. She will appear randomly as you sleep.
Mini Mog
Win from the boy running in circles around the lobby in Balamb Garden.
First complete all Chocobo Forests. Then enter the Chocobo Sanctuary in Grandidi Forest and witness the chocobo dance to receive the card.
Win from Mayor Dobe in FH.
When you can first do so, visit the Timber Maniacs office in Timber and pick up the Girl Next Door magazine. When on the White SeeD Ship on disc 3, you must talk to Zone several times. Giving him the Girl Next Door for free will prompt him to give you Shiva.
There are two ways to obtain this card. First is to beat Ifrit during the story. Second is to track down Martine in FH after the events there. You can win it from him.
Enter the bar in Dollet and you will find Master of Cards on the second floor. Challenge him to a game of cards and win. He will reward you with Siren.
Defeat the GF Brothers in Tomb of the Unknown King.
Defeat the GF Brothers in Tomb of the Unknown King.

Level 9: GF Cards

tt_ff8_carbuncle.jpg tt_ff8_diablos.jpg tt_ff8_leviathan.jpg tt_ff8_odin.jpg tt_ff8_pandemona.jpg
Carbuncle Diablos Leviathan Odin Pandemona
1 into 3 Glow Curtain 1 into 100 Black Hole 1 into 3 Doc's Code 1 into 100 Dead Spirit 1 into 100 Windmill
tt_ff8_cerberus.jpg tt_ff8_alexander.jpg tt_ff8_phoenix.jpg tt_ff8_bahamut.jpg tt_ff8_doomtrain.jpg
Cerberus Alexander Phoenix Bahamut Doomtrain
1 into 100 Lightweight 1 into 3 Moon Curtain 1 into 3 Phoenix Spirit 1 into 100 Megalixir 1 into 3 Status Guard
1 into 3 Monk's Code

Win from CC Heart (aka Xu) during the Card Club sidequest.
Defeat the GF Diablos at any time after headmaster Cid gives you the Magical Lamp item. The GF can be spawned by using the lamp.
Win from CC Jack during the Card Club sidequest. He will appear in the Training Center of the Balamb Garden after conditions are met.
Defeat the GF Odin in the Centra Ruins. You can access them from disc 2 onwards.
Win from the owner of the Balamb hotel after saving Balamb from occupation. This happens on disc 2.
Defeat the GF Cerberus in Galbadia Garden on disc 2.
Win from Piet on disc 3. You can find him in the Lunar Base, or the Lunar Escape Pod in Abandon Plains in Esthar after the Lunar Base events.
From a man in Esthar city president's palace during the Card Queen sidequest.
Defeat the GF Bahamut in Deep Sea Research Center, accessible with the Ragnarok.
Go to the room of the Master of Cards in the pub in Dollet during the Card Queen sidequest. The card is on his desk.
Defeat the Ultima Weapon in Deep Sea Deposit below the Deep Sea Research Center.

Player Cards

Just like the GF cards, none of the Player cards can be obtained randomly. Each is very rare.

Level 10: Player Cards

tt_ff8_ward.jpg tt_ff8_kiros.jpg tt_ff8_laguna.jpg tt_ff8_selphie.jpg tt_ff8_quistis.jpg
Ward Kiros Laguna Selphie Quistis
1 into 3 Gaea's Ring 1 into 3 Accelerator 1 into 100 Hero 1 into 3 Elem Guard 1 into 3 Samantha Soul
tt_ff8_irvine.jpg tt_ff8_zell.jpg tt_ff8_rinoa.jpg tt_ff8_edea.jpg tt_ff8_seifer.jpg
Irvine Zell Rinoa Edea Seifer
1 into 3 Rocket Engine 1 into 3 Hyper Wrist 1 into 3 Magic Armlet 1 into 3 Royal Crown 1 into 3 Diamond Armor
1 into 3 Three Stars

Win from Doctor Odine in Esthar Research Laboratory or president's palace on disc 3.
Win from a man wearing black in Deling City during the Card Queen sidequest.
Win from Ellone in the Lunar Base on disc 3.
Win from Selphie's friend in Trabia Garden, in front of the fountain, on disc 2 or 3.
Win from Trepe Groupie #2 in Balamb Garden, as early as disc 1. You can find her in the second-floor classroom or the cafeteria.
Win from the Station Master of FH during the Card Queen sidequest.
Win from Ma Dincht at her house in Balamb.
Win from Fury Caraway in his mansion in Deling City. He will only use the card after you've lost an Ifrit card to him.
Win from Edea at the orphanage on the Cape of Good Hope on disc 3.
Win from headmaster Cid on disc 3. He will be at the orphanage on Cape of Good Hope.
Win from Laguna in Esthar's presidential palace or the Ragnarok on disc 3.

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