Editing Help

Wikidot Syntax

This section gives quick hints on how to do various things when editing pages. Each line has its own hint.
This is by no means a complete list of what can be done. In addition to these, you might want to check out some modules, automated ways to do certain things. To read more about how to code things you want to do on Chrysalis, visit Wikidot's syntax page. You can also visit the Wikidot's community for tips on how to do certain things

++ Main heading
+++ Sub heading
//italix text//
**bold text**
* Bullet list item
> Quote in a block
[[[category:page|Link to a page]]]
[/category:page Link to a page]
[[size smaller]] Smaller text [[/size]]
[[=]] Paragraph aligned center [[/=]]
[[>]] Paragraph aligned right [[/>]]
[[<]] Paragraph aligned left [[/<]]
---- Horizontal line
[[image filename.jpg title="Title of picture"]]
[[f>image rightalignedpicture.jpg]]
[[=image centeralignedpicture.jpg]]
[[image /category:page/filefromanotherpage.jpg]]
|| Table ||~ Heading || Cell ||
[[collapsible show="+ Show this" hide="- Collapse"]] Text here. [[/collapsible]]
[[code]] Block of code (formatting isn't rendered) [[/code]]

Code Snippets

Copy and paste these snippets of code when in need of a code solution in line with what's used elsewhere in the wiki. Remember to replace things like 'category1', 'page2' and 'tag3' with the applicable information for your page.


[[module ListPages tags="tag3" order="title" perPage="80" separate="no"]]

ListPages: View by Tag
Note: for this to work, place @URL into the tags option in the ListPages module. You can define default tags to display by typing @URL|defaulttag1 into the tags option.

View by type [[size small]]
**[/category1:page2/tag/%2Btag3,-tag4 Title]**

New Page Field

[[module NewPage size="20" button="New page" parent="category1:page2" category="category1" tags="tag3"]]

Two Columns

[[div style="width: 720px;column-count: 2;-moz-column-count:2;-webkit-column-count:2;column-gap: 10px;-moz-column-gap:10px;-webkit-column-gap:10px;"]]

Category: Site


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