This page includes all food-type items in Final Fantasies, including some ingredients that can also be found under Materials. Some of these are also more properly categorized under Key Items or simply just Items. Other than in the case of games with actual Food categories for items, this page acts only as an additional way of listing all food in one place.

Food items also include real-world recipes, when the food item is applicable. In these recipes, some fantasy beasts and green things have been replaced with their most obvious real-world equivalent, based on the characteristics of the ingredient in question. Note that some real-world ingredients (such as giraffe or leopard) may have been replaced with other type of near-equivalent due to the rarity and ethicality of obtaining the main ingredient.

By default, this page lists only bread-type food. To see other types, click on one of the links below. See also Advanced Usage for more options.

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