Gnomish Bread

小人のパン / こびとのパン [kobito no pan] or 'bread of the little folk' in Japanese. Note that if you don't know that this references gnomes, it is easy to mistranslate it as 'kiddy bread' or the like, which has been done in several titles.

Final Fantasy III

Effect: Sight
Buy: ? gil (Sell: ? gil)

Final Fantasy IV

Effect: Sight
Buy: 100 gil (Sell: 50 gil)

Final Fantasy Tactics


Obtain: randomly from one of the following Errands: Gariland Magick Melee, Mount Gulg Mother Lode, Zaland Embassy Antiques, Abandoned Mine, Clockwork Faire, Salvage Expedition, Zerro's Challenge, Guard Duty, Yardrow Melee, Gleddia Isle, Lettre d'Amour, Count Minimas (1), Count Minimas (2), The Durga, Endless Caverns, The Falcon, Father's Nightmare, Himca Cliffs, More Coal Miners Wanted, Ore of the Gods, Past Glory, Rhana Strait, True Romance, Zerro's Return, Zerro Strikes, Zerro Strikes Again, Appraisal, Gysahl Greens, Historic Revolt, Lionel Emissary, Second Coal Mining Expedition
Type: Artefact
Description: A treat beloved by children since ancient times, the secret to making these bite-sized loaves of bread has all but been forgotten. This scroll contains the last known copy of the recipe.
Other: as 'Moppet Bread'

Tactics Advance

Obtain: Bread Woes
Use: Good Bread
Type: Mission Item
Other: as 'Kiddy Bread'

Category: Item

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