Items of FFVIII

This page lists all items in Final Fantasy VIII. Note that Triple Triad cards are not considered items and are instead listed on their own page.

Regular Items

Only consumable items you can expect to use many of on or by your characters have been listed here. For items teaching various things and other materials, see below under Materials.


Aegis Amulet
Amnesia Greens
Arctic Wind
Aura Stone
Betrayal Sword
Black Hole
Bomb Fragment
Bomb Spirit
Cactus Thorn
Chef's Knife
Cockatrice Pinion
Coral Fragment
Curse Spike
Dark Matter
Dead Spirit
Diamond Armor
Dino Bone
Doc's Code
Dragon Fang
Dragon Fin
Dragon Skin
Draw Scroll
Dynamo Stone
Elem Atk
Elem Guard
Energy Crystal
Fish Fin
Force Armlet
Fury Fragment
Gaea's Ring
Gambler Spirit
GF Scroll
Giant's Ring
Glow Curtain
Gold Armor
Healing Mail
Healing Ring
Healing Water
HP-J Scroll
Hundred Needles
Hungry Cookpot
Hyper Wrist
Hypno Crown
Inferno Fang
Item Scroll
Jet Engine
Knight's Code
Laser Cannon
Life Ring
Luck-J Scroll
Magic Armlet
Magic Scroll
Magic Stone
Mag-J Scroll
Malboro Tentacle
Med Kit
Mesmerize Blade
Mog's Amulet
Monk's Code
Moon Curtain
Moon Stone
M-Stone Piece
Mystery Fluid
North Wind
Ochu Tentacle
Phoenix Spirit
Poison Powder
Power Generator
Power Wrist
Red Fang
Regen Ring
Rocket Engine
Rosetta Stone
Royal Crown
Rune Armlet
Running Fire
Samantha Soul
Saw Blade
Shaman Stone
Sharp Spike
Shear Feather
Silence Powder
Silver Mail
Sleep Powder
Spd-J Scroll
Spider Web
Spr-J Scroll
Star Fragment
Status Atk
Status Guard
Steel Curtain
Steel Orb
Steel Pipe
Strength Love
Str-J Scroll
Three Stars
Turtle Shell
Vampire Fang
Venom Fang
Vit-J Scroll
Water Crystal
Wizard Stone
Zombie Powder

Key Items


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