Items of Pictlogica

This page concerns the various items available in Final Fantasy Pictlogica. Below is merely the list, please see the item's own page for the details. If you're looking for data on what to give your memoria to equip, a more efficient way is to look at the memoria's own page.



Blue Lizard
Cobalt Ingot
High-quality Adamantite
High-quality Gold
High-quality Mythril
Inheritance Expert Butaro
Petit Bounty of Experience
Superior-quality Adamantite
Superior-quality Gold
Superior-quality Mythril


Black Element
Blue Element
Golden Pumpkin
Green Element
Kupo Nut
Pixelt Copper
Pixelt Gold
Pixelt Silver
Red Element
White Element
Yellow Element

Evolve Materials

Event Item Materials

500 SPP
1,000 SPP
3,000 SPP
Alchemy Stone of Air Currents
Alchemy Stone of Cold
Alchemy Stone of Earth
Alchemy Stone of Flame
Alchemy Stone of Holy
Alchemy Stone of Lightning
Alchemy Stone of Streams
Ancient Book - Ironwall Grimoire (+1/+2)
A Rank Testimony
Beastmen's Seal
Big LuvLuv G
Blue Phantoma
Bookmark of Recollection
Bronze Ingot
Cancer's Refined Stone Void
Cavern Mold
Cavern Refined Stone Dark
Celestial Stone
Cobalt Ore
Cold Shard
C Rank Testimony
Crystallized Air Current
Crystallized Cold
Crystallized Earth1
Crystallized Fire
Crystallized Flame
Crystallized Great Memories
Crystallized Holy
Crystallized Hope
Crystallized Light
Crystallized Lightning
Crystallized Stream
Crystallized Truth
Crystallized Water
Crystallized Wind
Crystal of Truth
Crystal Shard
Death Stone
D Rank Testimony
Drop of Truth
Dynast King's Legacy
Dynast King's Seal
Earth Crystal
Earth Element
Earth Pyroxene
Earth Shard
E Rank Testimony
EX Core
EX Core 10%
EX Core 50%
EX Force
Fire Crystal
Fire Element
Fire Pyroxene
Fir Tree
Five Tigers Horseshoe
Flame Shard
Flame Summon Stone (+1/+2)
Fragment of Great Memories
Fragment of Truth
Gemini's Refined Stone Void
Ginger Cookie
Gold Orc Mask
Guiding Ore (Spring Lance) (+1/+2)
Guiding Ore (War Axe) (+1/+2)
Holly Olive
Holy Shard
Hope Fragment
Hope Shard
H Rank Testimony
Ice Summon Stone (+1/+2)
Iron Ore
Leo's Refined Stone Earth
License Board
Lightning Shard
Lightning Summon Stone (+1/+2)
Lunar Stone
Memento of a Witch
Mirage Alchemy Stone Flame
Mirage Alchemy Stone Water
Moderate LuvLuv G
Mold - Demon's Fang
Mold - Necroholia
Mold - Orochi
Mold - Valnabrand
Mold - Zero Cerberus
Pictomatter G1
Pictomatter G2
Present from Santa
Proficiency (+5/+15/+30)
Pumpkin Lantern
Pumpkin Seed
Quadav Backplate
Red Phantoma
Refined Stone of Origin Ice
Refined Stone of Origin Water
Refined Stone of Recollection
Rosetta Stone
Shard of Air Currents
Shard of Great Memories
Shard of Truth
Silk Cloth
Small LuvLuv G
Spirit Core
Spirit Pyroxene
Spirit Shard
Spirit Stone
Stream Shard
Summoner's Token
Taurus's Refined Stone Wind
Token of Courage
Token of Hope
Token of Sympathy
Token of the Journey
Virgo's Refined Stone Holy
War Score Coupon
Water Crystal
Water Element
Water Pyroxene
Wind Crystal
Wind Element
Wind Pyroxene
Windslicer Pinion
X Rank Testimony
Yagudo Bead Necklace
Yellow Phantoma

Event Synthesis Materials

Note that most of the below have been phased out at one point or another, and replaced with a unified system for upgrading Memoria.

Believing Heart
Berserker Knowledge
Black Belt Knowledge
Black Mage Knowledge
Cannoneer Knowledge
Chemist Knowledge
Crystallized Guidance
Crystallized Journey
Crystallized Memory
Dark Knight Knowledge
Dragoon Knowledge
Dr Mog
Evoker Knowledge
Heart of the Paladin
Knight Knowledge
Lenna's Crystal
License to Use Faith
Light of the Paladin
Magus Knowledge
Memory Fragment
Memory of Memoria
Memory Shard
Monk Knowledge
Ninja Knowledge
Ranger Knowledge
Red Mage Knowledge
Samurai Knowledge
Shantotto's Pledge
Shard of Guidance
Strong Heart
Testimony of Beastly Ore
Testimony of Bright Crystal
Testimony of Evil Ore
Testimony of Fire Bird
Testimony of Gold Sands
Testimony of Hot Sands
Testimony of Spirit Bird
Testimony of Spirit Silver
Testimony of White Crystal
Testimony of White Silver
Thief Knowledge
Viking Knowledge
Warrior Knowledge
White Mage Knowledge

















Note that this section consists of the categories Shuriken, Blaster Edges and Boomerangs. Each character can only wear one of these categories.


Please see the abilities page to see the various accessories that enable the use of abilities, such as magic scrolls and summon stones.

Angel Ring
Anniversary Ring (+)
Assault Targe
Bastokan Ring (+1 - +10)
Battle Boots
Black Belt
Black Belt Gi
Black Hood
Black Robe
Bone Wrist
Bronze Armor
Bronze Breastplate
Chakra Band
Chocobo Feather
Cotton Robe
Cross Helm
Crystal Gloves
Crystal Helm
Crystal Mail
Cup of Luck I
Cup of Luck II
Cure Bangle
Dark Ring
Desert Boots
Destiny Ring
Diamond Armor
Diamond Gloves
Diamond Shield
Dying Ring
Earth-rending Ring
Exa Armor (+5)
Exa Buckler (+5)
Exa Cape (+5)
Exa Circlet (+5)
Exa Earring (+5)
Exa Power Wrist (+5)
EX Core 100%
Feathered Hat
Federation Army Mantle (+1 - +5)
Fire Bangle
Flame Ring
Flamestar Ring
Freezing Ring
Frost Ring
Gale Hairpin
Gaia Ring
Giant's Armor
Giant's Gloves
Gold Breastplate
Growth Egg
Halloween Bangle
Halloween Ring
Halloween Tiara
Healing Mail
Heavy Coat
Helm of Trials
Iron Armor
Iron Bangle
Jet Engine
Knight's Armor
Knowing Tag
Lambent Hat
Lucky Ring
Lufenian Boots
Lufenian Hairpin
Lufenian Robes
Lustrous Helm
Lustrous Shield
Mage's Hat
Mane of a Red Donkey
Million Charm
Million Choker
Million Vital
Molulu's Charm
Moogle Charm
Mythril Armor
Nihility Ring
Ninja Gear
Nu Khai Armband
Orb of Minwu
Orrachea Armlet
Platinum Armor
Power Belt
Power Vest
Power Wrist
Princess Vest
Protectra Bangle
Red Jacket
Republican Army Mantle (+1 - +5)
Ring of Summoning
Ritual Hat
Royal Army Mantle (+1 - +5)
Royal Armlet
Sage's Prayer I
Sage's Prayer II
Sage's Surplice
San d'Orian Ring (+1 - +10)
Scholar Robe
Seraph Ring
Shield of Trials
Shinra Alpha
Silver Breastplate
Silver Mail
Snow of Red Noses
Snow of White Whiskers
SP Armlet
Spiran Hairpin
Spirit Armlet
Splintered Destiny Ring
Splintered Dying Ring
Splintered Earth-rending Ring
Splintered Nihility Ring
Splintered Seraph Ring
Splintered Whirlwind Ring
Star Ring
Strongarm Blessing I
Strongarm Blessing II
Survival Vest
Thief's Gloves
Thunder Ring
Tough Ring
Twist Headband
Water Ring
Whirlwind Ring
White Feather Fan of Frail Light
Wind Ring
Windurstian Ring (+1 - +10)
Wizard's Ring
Wizard's Robe

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