Maiden's Kiss

乙女のキッス / おとめのキッス [otome no kiss] or 'maiden's kiss' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy II

Buy: 500 gil (sell: 250 gil)
Description: Cures Toad

Final Fantasy III


Buy: 100 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Vikings' Cove, Village of the Ancients, Dwarven Hollows, Duster, Saronia NW, Doga's Manor, Ancient Ruins
Drop/Steal: Blood Bat, Pugman
Type: Consumable
Effect: Removes Toad

Final Fantasy IV

Buy: 60 gil (sell: 30 gil)

Final Fantasy V

Buy: 60 gil (sell: 30 gil)
Obtain: some chests
Other: cures Toad

Final Fantasy VII


Buy: 150 gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Cosmo Canyon, Gold Saucer, Gongaga, North Corel, Temple of the Ancients
Drop: Touch Me
Effect: cures Frog

Final Fantasy Tactics

Use: removes Toad, horizontal range 4 (Chemist ability Item, 200 JP)
Buy: 50 gil (sell: 25 gil)
Shop: (available after Eagrose Castle in ch1) everywhere
Description: Medicine that restores a unit who has been transformed into a toad.

Category: Item

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