Classes and Jobs in FFXIV

The traditional job system of the Final Fantasy series received quite an overhaul in Final Fantasy XIV. Each character now starts with a basic class - a specialist in a type of weapons - before branching into a specialized job or two at level 30. Classes are divided into four Disciples, depending on their area of strength. In addition to classes, there are also special advanced jobs that start at level 30 or 50 directly and have no connected class.

Classes and jobs can choose to use several from a list of role abilities, expanding their class or job's repertoire with some basic utilities. Of special note is also the interaction between classes and jobs. A basic job always shares the level of its base class (the one required to be at level 30 to unlock that job), and any experience gained while on a job goes towards leveling the base class.

Disciples of War

Disciples of War (ファイター [fighter] in Japanese) are the physical fighters of Eorzea. They wield traditional weapons and use mostly stats affecting their physical strength.

Class Role Jobs Japanese name
Archer (ARC) Physical Ranged DD Bard 弓術士 [kyuujutsushi]
Gladiator (GLD) Tank Paladin 剣術士 [kenjutsushi]
Lancer (LNC) Physical Melee DD Dragoon 槍術士 [soujutsushi]
Marauder (MRD) Tank Warrior 斧術士 [fujutsushi]
Pugilist (PGL) Physical Melee DD Monk 格闘士 [kakutoushi]
Rogue (ROG)* Physical Melee DD Ninja 双剣士 [soukenshi]

*While most classes can be picked from the start, Rogue forms an exception. It is an advanced class that can only be changed into after reaching level 10 and unlocking the armoury system.

In addition to the above, a guild for the Musketeer (銃術士 [juujutsushi] in Japanese) class has been in the game since the beginning, but it hasn't been implemented1. At the very start of version 1.0 the class Sentinel (SEN, 盾術士 [junjutsushi]) also existed. However, it was a supplementary class that merely provided additional abilities to classes that could equip shields, and was removed quickly. Is abilities were subsequently fused into Gladiator's ability list.

Disciples of Magic

Disciples of Magic (ソーサラー [sorcerer] in Japanese) depend on various fields of magic to hinder and wound their opponents as well as enhance and heal their allies. They wield various staff- and rod-like weapons that enhance the abilities of their minds.

Class Role Jobs Japanese name
Arcanist (ACN) Magical Ranged DD
巴術士 [hajutsushi]
Conjurer (CNJ) Healer White Mage 幻術士 [genjutsushi]
Thaumaturge (THM) Magical Ranged DD Black Mage 呪術士 [jujutsushi]


Most jobs require one main class to level 30 to unlock. However, there are also advanced jobs that require at least one class at level 50 to unlock, as well as their associated expansion pack registered. These do not start at level 1, but are at a higher level from the start.

Disciple of War Jobs
Job Role Japanese name Unlocking/Notes
Bard (BRD) Physical Ranged DD
吟遊詩人 [ginyuu shijin] ARC
Dark Knight (DRK) Tank 暗黒騎士 [ankoku kishi] HW, starts lv30
Dragoon (DRG) Physical Melee DD 竜騎士 [ryuukishi] LNC
Machinist (MCH) Physical Ranged DD
機工士 [kikoushi] HW, starts lv30
Monk (MNK) Physical Melee DD モンク [monk] PGL
Ninja (NIN) Physical Melee DD 忍者 [ninja] ROG
Paladin (PLD) Tank ナイト [knight] GLA
Samurai (SAM) Physical Melee DD 侍 [samurai] SB, starts lv50
Warrior (WAR) Tank 戦士 [senshi] MRD
Disciple of Magic Jobs
Job Role Japanese name Unlocking/Notes
Astrologian (AST) Healer 占星術師 [senseijutsushi] HW, starts lv30
Black Mage (BLM) Magical Ranged DD 黒魔道士 [kuromadoushi] THM
Red Mage (RDM) Magical Ranged DD 赤魔道士 [akamadoushi] SB, starts lv50
Scholar (SCH) Healer
学者 [gakusha] ACN
Summoner (SMN) Magical Ranged DD
召喚士 [shoukanshi] ACN
White Mage (WHM) Healer 白魔道士 [shiromadoushi] CNJ

Disciples of Hand

Disciples of Hand (クラフター [crafter] in Japanese) are the crafters of Eorzea, and provide the citizens and adventurers with all that they need, from food and medicine to armor and weapons. While regular leveling can be done to max level in all classes, you can only pick up to three classes to specialize in. The related Desynthesis activity also has limitations on leveling it.

Class Products Japanese name
Alchemist (ALC) Potions, Books, Staves, Materials 錬金術師 [renkinjutsushi]
Armorer (ARM) Heavy Armor, Tools, Furniture 甲冑師 [kacchuushi]
Blacksmith (BSM) Weapons, Tools, Materials 鍛冶師 [kajishi]
Carpenter (CRP) Staves, Furniture, Materials 木工師 [mokkoushi]
Culinarian (CUL) Food, Bait 調理師 [chourishi]
Goldsmith (GSM) Accessories, Rods, Materials 彫金師 [choukinshi]
Leatherworker (LTW) Light Armor, Accessories, Materials 革細工師 [kawazaikushi]
Weaver (WVR) Light Armor, Materials 裁縫師 [saihoushi]

Disciples of Land

Disciples of Land (ギャザラー [gatherer] in Japanese) are an easily ignored portion of the society, but no less needed for that. They gather in one way or another the raw materials required to make everyday items necessary for living.

Class Products Japanese name
Botanist (BTN) Lumber, Plants, Raw Food, Small Critters 園芸師 [engeishi]
Fisher (FSH) Fish, Small Critters, Corals, Water Plants 漁師 [ryoushi]
Miner (MIN) Ores, Raw Jewels, Bones 採掘師 [saikutsushi]

In addition to the above, the 1.x versions of the game included a guild for the Shepherd class (牧獣師 [bokujuushi] in Japanese). However, it was never implemented as a class and all traces of it have been removed from the game as of version 2.0.

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