Each game features a slightly different job system. Jobs can either be changeable or permanent, and changing your job may require something before you can do it. Here is a list of the different jobs used in Final Fantasies.
Note that after the full name of each job has been listed a three-letter abbreviation that is quite widely used to refer to the job at Chrysalis. These abbreviations come from FF games that use them, mostly FF11, FF14 and FFTA.

If you'd prefer to see the list by the Japanese name, see here.

The last section of the list includes all crafting and gathering jobs included in Final Fantasies. While they haven't always been actual jobs or classes, the pages itself will list even the minigames.


Ace Striker (ACE)
Alchemist (ALC)
Animist (ANM)
Apprentice Mage (APM)
Arcanist (ACN)
Archer (ARC)
Arithmetician (ARI)
Ark Knight (ARK)
Assassin (ASN)
Astrologian (AST)
Bard (BRD)
Beastmaster (BST)
Berserker (BRK)
Bishop (BSH)
Black Belt (BLB)
Black Mage (BLM)
Black Wizard (BLW)
Blacksmith (BSM)
Blue Mage (BLU)
Cannoneer (CNR)
Chemist (CHM)
Chocobo Knight (CHK)
Cleric (CLR)
Commando (COM)
Conjurer (CON)
Corsair (COR)
Dancer (DNC)
Dark Fencer (DKF)
Dark Knight (DRK)
Defender (DFN)
Devout (DEV)
Divine Knight (DVK)
Dragonkin (DGK)
Dragoon (DRG)
Elementalist (ELE)
Evoker (EVO)
Fell Knight (FLK)
Fencer (FNC)
Festivalist (FST)
Fighter (FGT)
Freelancer (FRE)
Fusilier (FSL)
Gadgeteer (GDT)
Gambler (GMB)
Game Hunter (GMH)
Geomancer (GEO)
Gladiator (GLA)
Grand Mage (GMG)
Green Mage (GRM)
Gunner (GNR)
Holy Knight (HLK)
Hunter (HNT)
Illusionist (ILS)
Juggler (JGL)
Knight (KNT)
Lady Luck (LDL)
Machinist (MCH)
Mage (MGE)
Magus (MAG)
Medic (MED)
Merchant (MRC)
Mime (MIM)
Monk (MNK)
Morpher (MRP)
Musketeer (MSK)
Mystic (MYS)
Mystic Knight (MYK)
Necromancer (NCR)
Netherseer (NTS)
Ninja (NIN)
Novice Ranger (NRG)
Onion Knight (ONK)
Oracle (OCL)
Orator (ORT)
Paladin (PLD)
Parivir (PRV)
Party Host (PTH)
Prince (PRN)
Princess (PNS)
Puppetmaster (PUP)
Ranger (RNG)
Ravager (RAV)
Red Mage (RDM)
Red Wizard (RDW)
Rogue (ROG)
Rune Fencer (RUN)
Rune Knight (RNK)
Saboteur (SAB)
Sage (SAG)
Samurai (SAM)
Scholar (SCH)
Seer (SEE)
Sentinel (SEN)
Shaman (SHA)
Sky Pirate (SKY)
Skyseer (SKS)
Sniper (SNP)
Soldier (SLD)
Songstress (SNG)
Sorcerer (SOR)
Spell Fencer (SPF)
Spellblade (SPB)
Squire (SQR)
Summoner (SMN)
Sword Saint (SWS)
Synergist (SYN)
Templar (TMP)
Thief (THF)
Time Mage (TIM)
Tinker (TNK)
Viking (VIK)
Warlock (WRL)
Warrior (WAR)
Wayfarer (WFR)
White Mage (WHM)
White Monk (WMK)
White Wizard (WHW)

Crafting & Gathering

Alchemist (ALC)
Blacksmith (BSM)
Botanist (BTN)
Culinarian (CUL)
Fisher (FSH)
Goldsmith (GSM)
Leatherworker (LTW)
Weaver (WVR)

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