Paladins (either 聖騎士 [seikishi] ('holy knight'), ナイト [knight] or パラディン [paladin] in Japanese) are a staple job of the series, protectors of the weak and users of holy powers. They are clad in armor (often white armor) and wield swords and shields. Unlike most other physical jobs, paladins often have access to some Holy-based spells. There is another similar job, the Knight, and in fact many appearances of the job 'Paladin' are actually 'Knight' in Japanese. The Knight job's details are divided between this and Knight's page by what translation was used in the games the job appeared in.
Some examples of paladins are Cecil Harvey from FF4, Curilla V Mecru from FF11 and Solkzagyl from FF14.

Final Fantasy XI

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Paladin (パラディン [paladin] in Japanese) is a job found in the DLC Requiem of the Goddess, used exclusively by Lightning. It is her equivalent of Commando. Note that her actual stats depend on her level, not her role, so they can be found on her own page.

Obtain: default (level 0)
Role Bonus: Damage dealt +300%, Received damage x1.2

Command Abilities
Level 0 - Attack
Level 0 - Ruin
Level 6 - Blitz
Level 6 - Ruinga

Auto Abilities
Level 0 - Launch
Level 1 - Smite
Level 1 - Scourge

Final Fantasy XIV

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Tactics Advance

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Grimoire of the Rift

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4 Heroes of Light

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Role: Tank
Unlock: reach 15% or higher equipment completion
Condition to Master: clear 10 quests with Paladin
Master: clear Paladin's Master Trial

Note that this job is パラディン [paladin] in Japanese.


Note that as jobs don't level up in Explorers, your only two ways to get more are to equip better equipment, and to master your job. Paladin's basic stats are listed in the below table.

HP AP Load
Default 3,700 1,950 150
Master 4,400 2,300 150
48 49 31 32 50 46 24 34 28 104 60


Unique Ability: Cover
Default Abilities (default): Sanctuary, Equip Swords, Equip Shields
Default Abilities (Master): Equip Daggers, Equip Spears, Dual Wield
Proficiency: Sword Skills


Weapons (default): Swords, Shields
Weapons (Master): Daggers, Spears


Paladins have appeared several times in the FF-TCG series, under the Water and Ice elements. Note that the below includes not only pure Paladin, but the Paladin that is known as Knight in Japanese. Please note the name on the cards rather than the translation provided.

tcg_1135.jpg tcg_1136.jpg tcg_2025.jpg tcg_4095.jpg
1-135C Knight 1-136C Knight 2-025C Knight 4-095U Knight
tcg_5044.jpg tcg_5138.jpg tcg_6081.jpg tcg_8080.jpg
5-044C Knight 5-138C Knight 6-081C Paladin 8-080C Paladin
tcg_9047.jpg tcg_10034.jpg
9-047C Knight 10-034C Paladin

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