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Summoner (召喚士 / 召喚師 [shoukanshi] or 'summoner' in Japanese most commonly, although also 魔界幻士 [makai genshi] or 'demon world illusionist' once) is one of the jobs added in Final Fantasy III. From there, it grew to be one of the iconic Final Fantasy jobs, recognizable from its unique ability to summon Eidolons (aka Summonend Beasts, or just Summons) to the battlefield to aid their side. Summoners are most often recognized from their green cape and red headband with a horn on it. A related job is Evoker, a summoner-in-training. Another use for summoners is the race, Summoner.
Summoners are masters of the art of summoning. The job is sometimes combined with either White Mage or Black Mage, making them magic experts. Some examples of Summoners are Rydia from Final Fantasy IV, Eiko Carol and Garnet Til Alexandros XVII from Final Fantasy IX, Yuna from Final Fantasy X and Karaha-Baruha from Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy III

The only Summoner job whose original name is 魔界幻士 [makai genshi] in Japanese.

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Final Fantasy IV

While Final Fantasy IV doesn't have a job system, it does feature a playable character of the Summoner persuasion. This character is Rydia of the Mist.

The people of Mist Village are known to have strong summoner blood running in their veins, even though the bloodline has disappeared from the rest of the world. The village is protected by Eidolons due to their bond with the summoners who live in the area.

Not much is known about summoning in the world of Gaia. However, supplementary materials1 have Rydia recite us the five Laws of Summoning.

1) Be on good terms with the Eidolons
2) Don't fail to thank the Eidolon after summoning
3) After the Eidolon has attacked once, let them return right away
4) Take shelter right after summoning to ensure your own safety
5) Don't summon recklessly without a reason

Final Fantasy V


"Sorcerers with the ability to summon magical beings and harness their power"

Summoners are a very strong and versatile mage job, and likely your most used alongside White Mage and Time Mage. They have mostly AoE skills, affecting everyone on either side of the battle with one action. Their native abilities are a mix of offensive and defensive.

Unlock: Water Crystal
Command Ability: Summon
Innate Abilities: -
AP to Master: 750
Bonuses on Mastering (for FRE/MIM): MAG


Stat Modifiers
Strength: -10
Agility: -1
Stamina: -1
Magic: +33


Level 1: Summon 1 (15 AP)
Level 2: Summon 2 (30 AP)
Level 3: Summon 3 (45 AP)
Level 4: Summon 4 (60 AP)
Level 5: Summon 5 (100 AP)
Level 6: Call (500 AP)

Level Spells
Summon 1 Chocobo, Sylph, Remora
Summon 2 Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit
Summon 3 Titan, Golem, Catoblepas
Summon 4 Carbuncle, Syldra, Odin
Summon 5 Phoenix, Leviathan, Bahamut


Weapons: Rod, Dagger
Shield: -
Head: Hats
Body: Robes
Special Accessories: Armlets

Final Fantasy XI

In Final Fantasy XI, Summoner is one of the advanced jobs. It can be unlocked by completing the quest Can You Hear the Rainbow?.

Summoners fill a bit of a niche role in FF11. They can, as in all other games, summon Avatars to fight for them, with both nuke-like abilities similar to Black Mages and support-like abilities similar to Red or White Mages, but their abilities - Blood Pacts - could only be used once per minute. At all other times, their Avatars could only perform physical attacks, extremely low in damage compared to actual damage dealers.

Without their Avatars, Summoners depend solely on their support jobs' abilities. As such, most of them will use a White Mage support job to fill the role of main or secondary healer, when partying. Though they will only have abilities up to half their level, they do have an enormous amount of MP, and high Mind and Intelligence. Because of these stats, they themselves also make decent support jobs for mages.

Summoners are also decent pullers for parties in dangerous places, since enmity on an Avatar does not transfer to the Summoner automatically, so they can safely pull without catching links. Having an Avatar out will also help with traveling in said dangerous places, as the Avatar will immediately attack whatever attacks its master, and can hold off a mob for a short time while the Summoner gets to safety.

Though not the fastest thing to do, Summoners can solo fairly safely. With good equips, an Avatar can be kept out for a very long time, attacking the mobs and leaving the Summoner completely untouched. They do, however, usually still drain some MP, and their physical attacks are rather weak, so battles will take long, and downtimes even longer.

A good way for Summoners to level up is to band together to form an Astral Flow party. Usually, a high-leveled Red Mage will pull and link a large amount of enemies at the same time, and then a whole party of Summoners will all use their strongest abilities to take down these monsters instantly for copious amounts of experience points.

Summoners are hard to level without having a high-leveled job already, however, or high-leveled friends, as most of their equipment will be difficult to get, and things like the above-mentioned Astral Flow parties require outside help. In addition, the Avatars themselves must be defeated in combat, like in most Final Fantasy games, before they will join you. The Avatars have two versions - one for a party of high-leveled players, and, in the case of elemental Avatars, one for a single Summoner, level-capped at level 20. Non-elemental Avatars like Fenrir, however, only have the high-leveled version.

As mentioned above, Summoners fill a niche role. They can do a lot of things, but they're not particularly good at them. So why level them? Because what they are good at is defeating large scary things in short amounts of time. They're often used in BCNMs, and to fight NMs that would otherwise be too dangerous.


Summoner's 2-hour ability is Astral Flow, mentioned above. It is active for 3 minutes, and for those 3 minutes erases the Avatar perpetuation cost - the cost in MP to keep an Avatar out, otherwise taken every 3 seconds - and allows each Avatar to use an extremely powerful Blood Pact. This Blood Pact requires the Summoner to have MP equal to or greater than twice their level, and consumes all MP upon usage, regardless of how much excess is left. However, like all Blood Pacts, their special Astral Flow Blood Pact can still only be used once per minute, totaling up to 3 uses maximum during one Astral Flow, with the help of ethers or other MP-restoring items.

Aside from Astral Flow, Summoners have no very few abilities of their own outside of summoning Avatars. However, each Avatar has a slew of abilities, categorized into Blood Pact: Rage and Blood Pact: Ward, the former for attacking and the latter for healing and buffing. All Blood Pacts cost a lot of MP, but are area-effective.

To see details of the job's abilities, see here.


Summoners are amongst the physically weakest of all FFXI jobs. They have the lowest Strength and Vitality of all jobs, and the second-lowest Dexterity. Their Agility is average, allowing them to at least dodge some attacks should their Avatar lose hate or get defeated. They do, however, have the second-highest Intelligence, Mind, and Charisma, allowing them decent usage of black and white magic - note that their stats do not affect Avatar damage at all. They also have the lowest HP and the highest MP, of all jobs; Tarutaru Summoners can easily have MP doubling their HP, even. This makes it easy to keep their Avatars out, but makes them extremely fragile should their Avatars fail.

As might be expected, Summoners have one single magic skill: summoning, sitting at a high A-. However, despite it being their sole skill, summoning is somewhat difficult to level up, as it only has a chance to rise when a Summoner summons an Avatar or uses a Blood Pact, the former of which doesn't happen very often, and the latter of which can only be done once or twice a minute (depending on available Blood Pacts for Rage and Ward), and which cost too much MP to constantly use. As a result, many Summoners stand around outside their towns, summoning over and over again to raise their skill. As Summoning skill affects Avatar accuracy and the interrupt rate for summoning Avatars, Summoners have best up them as much as possible, with their low, low E evasion, and long cast times.


Summoners, despite their low stats however, can be decent at helping their Avatars chip away at HP, with their B rank in staves. They also have a C+ in clubs, though they don't have access to most of the stronger clubs, so they're better off using staves to fight. They also have a low dagger rank of E, though there are really barely any daggers they can equip.

The job-specific equipment sets for Summoner look pretty classic - their Artifact and Empyrean armors are both green, and though their Relic armor is blue, all three sport the traditional Summoner horn. Most of their job-specific equipment enhance Avatars in some way.

Artifact Armor
Level 52 - Evoker's Spats
Level 54 - Evoker's Bracers
Level 56 - Evoker's Pigaches
Level 58 - Evoker's Doublet
Level 60 - Evoker's Horn
Level 74 - Evoker's Set +1

Relic Armor
Level 70 - Summoner's Cape
Level 71 - Summoner's Spats
Level 72 - Summoner's Bracers
Level 73 - Summoner's Pigaches
Level 74 - Summoner's Doublet
Level 75 - Summoner's Horn
Level 75 - Summoner's Set +1

Empyrean Armor
Level 80 - Caller's Sash
Level 81 - Caller's Pigaches / +1 / +2
Level 83 - Caller's Spats / +1 / +2
Level 84 - Caller's Pendant
Level 85 - Caller's Horn / +1 / +2
Level 87 - Caller's Bracers / +1 / +2
Level 89 - Caller's Doublet / +1 / +2
Level 90 - Caller's Earring

Level 41 (artifact) - Kukulcan's Staff
Level 75 (relic) - Claustrum
Level 75 (mythic) - Nirvana
Level 80 (empyrean) - Hvergelmir


Summoning has long been a forbidden art, in the history of Vana'diel, sealed away for being too powerful, too dangerous. It was not until the Crystal War that summoning returned to the world, though research into it began earlier.

The most well-known name in Vana'diel associated with summoning is Karaha-Baruha, often called the Hero of Windurst. He was a genius who completed all his studies within the span of a year, and subsequently became the Minister of the Optistery. Some time before the war, he started to research the forbidden art of summoning at the Star Sibyl's request, sealing himself up in an underground laboratory and disappearing from memory.

His research proved successful, however, at the most crucial moment. When Windurst was about to fall during the Crystal War, Karaha-Baruha appeared on the back of Fenrir, whom he had summoned, and fought back the armies surrounding Windurst. He was, however, never seen again after that.

Summoning, once unlocked, did not die with Karaha-Baruha. Ajido-Marujido, current Minister of the Orastery, is also interested in summoning, and believes it is useful - necessary, even - against the rising threat of the Shadow Lord's return. Either he or Joker, a Cardian bound to Karaha-Baruha, will guide the players on their journey to obtain the forbidden art.

Final Fantasy Tactics

A warrior who may Summon the most powerful of spirits, the beings known as espers.

Unlock: Time Mage lv3
Unlocks: lv5 (+others) Mime, Bard
Command Ability: Summon
Innate Abilities: -
JP to Master: 9,800



Stat Modifications
Phys Atk D-, Mag Atk C+
Phys EVA 5%, Mag EVA 0%
Move 3, Jump 3

Growth Rate for Stats
HP ★★, MP ★★★★★
Phys Atk ★, Mag Atk ★


Moogle (110 JP)
Shiva (200 JP)
Ramuh (200 JP)
Ifrit (220 JP)
Golem (500 JP)
Carbuncle (350 JP)
Bahamut (1,600 JP)
Odin (900 JP)
Leviathan (860 JP)
Salamander (860 JP)
Sylph (400 JP)
Faerie (400 JP)
Lich (600 JP)
Cyclops (1,000 JP)
Zodiark (learn by being hit)

Reaction Abilities
Critical Recover MP (400 JP)

Support Abilities
Halve MP (1,000 JP)


Weapons: Staves, Rods
Shield: -
Head: Hats
Body: Clothes, Robes

Tactics Advance

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Grimoire of the Rift

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Job Skill: Bahamut, Type: Normal, Number: 078 (male) / 079 (female)
Gacha: mine with gil, mine with moogle
Pictlogica Reward: 300 gil (male) / 15 black element (female)

Grade II: from Evoker grade I (Soul of a Brave Man, Purple Drop x2)
Grade III: from Summoner grade II (Soul of a Brave Man, Magicite Fragment, Purple Drop)

Grade III HP 151, STR 28, INT 64, SPD 12, LCK 14
Physical Affinity: x0.7, Ranged Affinity: x1.0
White Magic Affinity: x1.0, Black Magic Affinity: x1.0, Summon Affinity: x3.4

Weapon: Rod
White Magic: -, Black Magic: -, Summon: ◆◆◆

Record Keeper


Job: Summoner
Obtain: clear Magitek Factory
Obtain Memory Crystal: clear Macalania Temple (Force)
Obtain Memory Crystal II: -

Stat Level 1 Level 50 Level 65 Level 80
HP 82 1,765 2,281
ATK 5 41 53
DEF 4 37 47
MAG 8 88 108
MDEF 9 94 115
MND 7 75 93
ACC 20 22 23
EVA 20 22 23
SPD 69 91 99


Black Magic (Rarity 2)
Summoning (Rarity 4)

Limit Break
Level 1 - Call I
Equip Gaia Gear (III) - Call II

Native Record Materia
Limit Break - Summoning Fount I
Level 2 - Summoning Fount II


Daggers, Rods, Staves, Bows

Robes, Armlets

Can equip


Summoners have quite a few appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth and Fire elements. Note that the English name 'summoner' consists of two different Japanese-language jobs, these are treated as different cards in the TCG. Both have been listed below, so please note the card's actual name.

tcg_1036.jpg tcg_1047.jpg tcg_1114.jpg tcg_2090.jpg
1-036C Summoner 1-047C Summoner 1-114C Summoner 2-090C Summoner
tcg_3057.jpg tcg_4091.jpg tcg_5021.jpg tcg_5037.jpg
3-057C Summoner 4-091C Summoner 5-021C Summoner 5-037C Summoner
tcg_5107.jpg tcg_8049.jpg tcg_9042.jpg tcg_9115.jpg
5-107C Summoner 8-049C Summoner 9-042C Summoner 9-115C Summoner
10-107C Summoner

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