It is understandable - one resource on Final Fantasy is often not enough. Whether it's that you don't like the way information is presented at Chrysalis, us not having a guide you want to read, more info on online Final Fantasies or just a desire to browse other sites and communities, this list will get you started on quality Final Fantasy information.

If it is official sites dedicated to a single Final Fantasy you're after, see the main page of the game you're after, the links are listed there.



Final Fantasy Wiki - Wikia's alternative to Chrysalis. Be careful of unsourced information, as it is often wrong.
Caves of Narshe - A good resource for FF4-7, FF1 and FFT info
The Lifestream - May have a FF7-centric name, but includes in-depth features and articles on other games as well. Also has Ultimania translations.


Creative Uncut - A resource for high quality video game art, including most Final Fantasies
Spriters Resource - A resource for ripped video game sprites, including many Final Fantasies


Final Fantasy XI

FFXIclopedia - One of the two big Final Fantasy XI wikis.
GamerEscape's FF11 Wiki - After selling off XIclopedia, many of its original creators created GamerEscape
BG Wiki - The other of the two big Final Fantasy XI wikis.
Vana'diel Atlas - Complete maps of the game, with some handy mob information as well.
Campsitarus - In need of a new camp for your party? Need a solo camp? This lists some very good camps in Final Fantasy XI.
Blue Magic Hunting Grounds - Simply the best resource for any BLU wanting to learn all spells.
Kanican's blog - A blog of only one person it may be, but this blog features detailed testing on many aspects of the game and excellent solo NM/even guides. Not something to be missed.
Dynamis Bums - Originally merely a site for a LS, the site also has some good resources for people doing Dynamis.

Final Fantasy XIV

Disciples of the Land - An information resource for all disciples of the land
GamerEscape's FF14 Wiki - THE FF14 wiki to use
FFXIV Maps - So far lists all the maps of the world that we have. Something to definitely keep an eye on.
Lodestone - The official players' site by Square Enix, complete with low-level guides and some synthesis recipes
XIVDB - The best FF14 database around


Final Fantasy XI

FFXI Auction House - Auction House listings of the Jeuno AH in Final Fantasy XI. Also has an extensive character database, as well as crafting data and an excellent guild pattern page for guild point items, as well as other features.
FFXI Calculator - Merit point calculation for Final Fantasy XI, and more besides.
Windower - Originally only brought about to make it possible to play the game in windowed mode (hence the name), this software is now practically required for every mage participating in endgame due to the SpellCast plugin. Also features dozens of other UI and game-enhancing plugins. Do note, however, that using it is technically against the TOS of the game.
FFXIStyle & FFXICartography - Two more UI mods. However, you might have to go hunting in knowledgeable forums to get up-to-date versions of these two.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Pro - Sell and buy/bazaar information of Final Fantasy XIV. The FF14 equivalent of FFXIAH.



Blue Gartr - The foremost Final Fantasy XI forums for information, that come with their own Final Fantasy XIV section to boot. Also features a section for other games in the Final Fantasy series.
Caves of Narshe - The site's forums cover all the FFs they have information on - namely. FF4-7, FF1 and FFT. Has possibly the best FF6 forums around, definitely worth checking for that alone.
Guildwork - A site for MMORPG guilds. Includes FF11 and FF14 as well as several non-FF games.
The Lifestream - The site's forums have detailed coverage of the FF7 Compilation as well as general sections for every other Final Fantasy game.


Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI Forums - The official FF11 forums
Linkshell Community - The official linkshell community by Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Forums - The official FF14 forums
Hydaelyn Role-Players - aka the Role-Play Coalition or RPC. A central hub for RPers within FF14.
Lodestone - The official players' site

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