A Broken Bond

Vana'diel date: 886/3/12
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:47

Kii Kalira has been down recently. I've tried talking to her about it, and it turns out yesterday it had been exactly a year since her sister's death. It took a while for her to admit even that much. It must hurt her dearly still, to have lost her sister. I am not even certain how she died. I do wish I could pay my respects at her grave, but I am not too eager to bring up the issue with Kii Kalira again. She doesn't seem willing to talk about it much.

Nevertheless, we are now in Windurst, spurned on by the promise of handing out a Kazham airship pass to any adventurer who brings them a set of keys, one from each of the beastman strongholds of Ghelsba, Giddeus and Palborough. It is a good thing we chose Giddeus as the first one, I do think. The memories of her sister attached to this city must be painful for Kii Kalira, but I think it does her well too, to be here at this time.
Giddeus…it is a truly formidable place. We have visited there briefly before, but did not venture in too deep. While there exists a tentative peace between Windurst and the yagudo in Giddeus, trifling with beastmen is something that should not be done. Nevertheless, we ventured in. I suppose it was inevitable that we would end up defeating several yagudo in battle. I wonder how the peace can hold when yagudo keep attacking people, and adventurers can sneak in to that place with nary a thought and kill some of their own? I would not presume to know the thoughts of the Windurstian leaders, but looking from the outside, it seems a a facade, a farce even. I have to admit to not liking it here. Windurst seems such a peaceful place from the surface, but beneath that surface lies turmoil.

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