A New World

Vana'diel date: 885/5/17
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:20

It has been quite eventful few days. I have now reached Windurst, and rented a room here.
Upon reaching Windurst, I was quite surprised to notice a familiar face in the crowd. I was uncertain about it at first, but she really did turn out to be Kii Kalira. She seemed somewhat flustered to see me, which I think is very understandable. I should not have come with so little forewarning. She was kind enough to direct me to the appropriate people to rent a room, and even heal me. It seems that she really did become a white mage. I am glad for her.

Nevertheless, she was on a mission to re-energize some orbs for the Manustery, and needed help. I was glad to provide that to her. The Horutoto Ruins are a fascinating place, them being some of the oldest relics of the old times. We visited the Marguerite Tower, east from Leviathan's Gate. It is apparently the only one still in operation. I am amazed even one of them works! I should find out how old they really are. I later explored some of the other towers by myself, and while I couldn't understand the meaning of the devices in them, they appeared similar to the ones Kii Kalira used to recharge the orbs she had.

It seems that the seemingly peaceful Windurst has its troubles too. As we were heading out of the Marguerite Tower, we came across some Cardians bothering the tarutaru guard, demanding to get the orbs. Kii Kalira stopped them before they got violent with him - thank Altana she is alright! - and the guard told her to hand over the orbs to them, saying that he'd take all responsibility.

We parted at Leviathan's Gate after that. I hope she did not get into trouble for not bringing the orbs back to the Manustery.

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