Around San d'Oria

Vana'diel date: 885/6/6
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:22

Visited home today. Triene was doing admirably well with Richille's Wares. His years of being trained as the successor to the store have really been worth it. Mother was as always - worried. My short visit to them made me notice how much I value my freedom.

As I was making my way up to the city's walls, I came upon an old man called Balasiel. He inquired about my sword and asked if I could trust it and my skills. While I know that there are monsters out there beyond my skill, I do trust myself enough to know when to fight and when not to. He then proceeded to ask me to bring him some revival tree root, which are known to be in favor of monsters of the night. While I could not understand his attitude nor his desire for revival tree root, I could not turn him down either. I am now wondering how to acquire some.

…I have not seen Kii Kalira since the day we arrived. Has something happened to her?

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