Beauty of the Kriegstanz

Vana'diel date: 886/5/22
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:54

I think I have verified my suspicions. The place, that familiar yet unknown world that the maws take us to..that is the world of more than 20 years past, during the time of the Great War when the Allied Forces fought against the Shadow Lord's hordes of beastmen. I do not know how it is possible, but there is no other explanation.

Kii Kalira was initially most sternly against trying to return to a maw to see if it would let us through again. However, it turns out her sudden enthusiasm for dancing was to my advantage. By her insistence we went to see miss Laila of Troupe Brilioth the following day from our return to Jeuno. Much to my shame she had indeed heard of our failure upon the stage, and was willing to set for us a next task, upon completion of which she promised to teach us the basics of dancing. I am still not very convinced this is a good idea, but if it makes Kii Kalira agree to trying a maw again… well. The task she set for us was to bring to her a stone of some fame, called stardust pebble. Stones of that kind are practically impossible to find in the present, but that were plentiful enough in Lake Mechieume even as much as twenty years ago.
With some hesitating on Kii Kalira's part, we set out to the only maw we know the location of - the Rolanberry one. It was somewhat nerve-wrecking, but the maw did swallow us again, spitting us out in the Rolanberry of the past. From there we carefully made our way to Jugner Forest where Mechieume lies. On the way we saw many differences. The stone arches standing between the areas of Rolanberry and Batallia were intact. Many strange beasts wandered about the areas - upon reaching Jugner, we even saw a few of the fabled pixies! That was the last proof I needed to confirm my theory. I do not know how or why, but these maws do indeed transport you to the past.
On the shores of Lake Mechieume we met a little girl who turned out to be miss Laila of the past. If I needed one more proof, that would have been it. I think it to be somewhat sad that such a sweet little girl could turn out to be that strict and unfriendly leader of Troupe Brilioth, although it is easy to see that her hard work on working on her dancing has paid off, her troupe being one of the most famed dancing troupes of current times. We did in fact find some stardust pebbles in the lake, and were able to complete miss current-day Laila's somewhat unreasonable request.

..what followed, I like not to think of. At least it can be said that if I was requested to do that dancing on stage now, I might not embarrass myself so thoroughly. Although I do wonder about the applications of this dance in battle. It sounds like this dancing, the Kriegstanz, has a long history. I find myself yearning to research it some more.

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