Birds and Undead

Vana'diel date: 886/7/4
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:58

I think our hunting trip aiming to take down cockatrices in Meriphataud Mountains did not go too well even after we had managed to find out their general location from other people who had hunted them before. Those particular beasts seem to be more than a little rare, and both I and Kii Kalira were more than a little frustrated about aimlessly wandering about the right area, trying to find even one. I do think, however, that for Kii Kalira it was somewhat more frustrating than it was for me. After more than half a day of futilely trying to track down one of these beasts, she at one point started shouting whatever came to her mind, saying she was trying to attract cockatrices.
…I do not know if her preposterous words worked or if it was a mere coincidence, but afterwards we did manage to find several nesting on a cliff. Several was all we needed, although taking them down proved to be a bit more arduous task than we thought beforehands. Cockatrices are known for their ability to petrify anyone who looks at them for too long, and while we were prepared for this, it did present trouble. Nevertheless, we did manage to take them down and obtained quite a few feathers to sell in Windurst. They use them to decorate hats there, and the going price was worth the little hunting I think.

Once we had reached Windurst Kii Kalira received summons to the Heavens Tower for a mission from her country. It has been a while since her last summons, and this time her mission proved to be unexpectedly important, not to mention hard to complete in practice. Kii Kalira wasn't too clear on the details, but from what I gathered it was to strengthen some seal put on Castle Zvahl. The location of the seal is close by, in the underground maze of the Horutoto Ruins, so at first we thought this to be a walk-in walk-out type of mission. However, turns out that there is a gate difficult to open on the way to the location of the seal. Before the gate there are magic glyphs on the floor, and to open it you must either have an unlocking charm, or three mages, one of every major school of magic, standing upon the glyphs and channeling their energy into it. While we naturally had both white and red magic covered, this left us in want of a black mage. Thankfully a friend of Kii Kalira's was present in Windurst and was willing to help us out, thus letting us into this deeper part of the ruins. The process of unlocking the gate was surprisingly impressive. I wonder what is behind the locked doors behind this gate? We could not access all the areas there, and neither did we have time to look around much.
The area was full of skeleton-type undead. I suppose this was to be expected, but what we weren't prepared for was the relative strength of these ones. Who knows how long they had been there, fighting against each other, gathering strength to assault the next person to enter… After some struggling, Kii Kalira did manage to follow her orders, and we warped back out to Windurst once done. She intends to now acquire the charm required to open the gate without the presence of three mages of different schools, and is rather annoyed that the person who gave her the mission didn't give it out for free to her when she received her orders.

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