Blood of a Beastman and Other Stories

Vana'diel date: 885/11/9
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:28

I have come to the conclusion that my life could be considered weird. Perhaps it needs some more structure. I have never seen so many places in the span of such a short time, separated by such great distances.

As I suspected, obtaining beastman blood for the man Novalmauge was no great task. Although when I brought him the vial, he was thankful enough to explain his situation to me. Apparently, there is a sickness that makes you react strongly and violently to the light of the sun. I have never heard of such a thing before, but it certainly explains the rumors about this man being a vampire. As often happens, the rumor turned out to be not entirely true, but rather based on it.

While walking near the south Auction House with Kii Kalira after delivering the blood, we came across this strangest frank mithra lady. She inquired if we were adventurers, and then told us to deliver a letter to her grandchildren in Windurst. These two people are called Elen and Liili Chocola, Elen Chocola apparently has a rarab farm somewhere in the city. Kii Kalira did not seem too pleased with this, but nevertheless, we accepted the task she set for us. The mithra disappeared before we had a chance to refuse, and I had already taken the letter into my hands.

One thing amazes me. The woman talked of grandchildren. She did not appear to be old at all. Maybe mithra, like tarutaru, do not age like we do? I must remember to ask this from Kii Kalira some time. Hopefully she will not be too offended by the question. Lately, it seems like she has been more temperamental than before.

We left for Windurst the very next day. We are now quite accustomed to traveling, and the journey was faster than ever. Inquiring after the two sisters in Windurst brought us to the right people soon enough, and we delivered the letter to their hands. I have a feeling they were not too happy to receive it. Perhaps it brought bad news?

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