But the Harvest Festival is Over

Vana'diel date: 885/11/4
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:27

Once again, the events have run past me with overwhelming speed. The life of an adventurer can certainly be a fast-paced one, leaving hardly any time or interest for the likes of writing in a journal, no matter how enchanting it can be to read about these events afterwards.

After the Harvest Festival ended, I and Kii Kalira left Bastok with the intention of making our way to San d'Oria again. That is indeed where we are at the moment, having finally reached it after many battles. We were held up a little in Valkurm Dunes, trying to make our ways across without attracting too many goblins. Perhaps it is merely because our memories are faulty, but every time I pass the area, the goblins seem to have multiplied.

Life in San d'Oria seems much like it ever has been. Every time I come back, I notice nothing has changed. In a way it is comforting, but recently it has also started bothering me. Is it not so that without change, there is no life?

The first night after coming back, I met a person looking for shaman garlic, allegedly good for warding off vampires, and that one lived in the dungeons below the Chateau. After listening to his rambles for a moment, I was convinced I would have to look into the matter myself. It was a good time to come across this rumor, for I have been meaning to visit the Chateau myself for some time now, having gained a rank sufficient for entering it. The very next day I set out. Unfortunately, Kii Kalira could not come with me, but it appears she had some business of her own in the city, so I parted with her with a slightly less burdened heart. The Chateau was magnificent, and I regret to mention that I may have stared at everything too much, for I received more than a few suspicious looks on my person.
Having taken a look at both the quarters of the Royal Knights and Temple Knights - if father only knew! - I headed down to the Bostaunieux oubliette. I looked around, and after some time came across a person who stopped me. This person, who introduced themselves as Novalmauge, asked me to bring him a vial of beastman blood. He would not explain his request. Combined with the rumors, this is somewhat confusing. The person, while pale-haired, did not appear to be a vampire. I am intending on bringing him his vial of blood, it should not be too hard to acquire.

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